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RE: Opening some @dcrops packs!

I haven't read much about this, but it is so cool to see games made on top of the blockchain. I guess I am afraid of getting addicted in some sort of way, as I easily get addicted to computer games, and I don't have that much time. Better go out and nurse the vegetables I grow outdoors instead of working with them online! :)

So, I could write !raffle, but I'd rather see you give it to someone else! :) Anyway, it is really cool to see the project and to learn more about it in your video.


You won 1 common Wheat!

That is great... just took my homemade bread out of the oven, so will need some more wheat soon! :)


that looks good and I just took some cookies out of the oven :)

Cookies are often better than bread :))) At least if you have chocolate in them!