Garden Journal, Mid July Community Garden Update

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Hello, hivers and gardeners!

It's been about 3 weeks since my last post about my community garden plots, now seems like a good time for an update.

As my followers probably know, I've been gardening at the local community garden as well as my home garden. I rent 4 plots at the community garden and I'm using 3 of them this year. A friend of mine is using my 4th plot, as well as renting one of her own. I mostly grow potatoes at the community garden because the soil there is more suitable to potatoes than my garden at home. I also grow pumpkins in one of the plots. Pumpkins take up a lot of garden space as the vines grow out, so the community garden plot makes more sense than taking up all that space in my garden at home.

Here's a look at my potatoes growing in 2 of my plots. I planted 3 different kinds of potatoes this year. The blue potatoes that I planted first are flowering now. The squash plant is a volunteer plant. I'm not sure what kind of a squash it is, there were at least 3 different kinds of squash grown in this plot last year.


The other end of the potato patch. These rows were planted last. I need to do more mulching with the grass clippings from mowing the grass around the plots. I'm using an electric mower with a bag to catch the cut grass as it's mowed. I dump the bag between the rows and spread it around. I also need to do more weeding.


Here's my pumpkin patch. My friend planted some corn on the edge of the patch.


I've found a few baby pumpkins starting to grow on the vines, like this one.


This is my 4th plot, this is the one my friend planted. This plot has corn and potatoes planted in it. She doesn't worry so much about the weeds...


This is the plot she rented this year. I had rented this plot last year and she used it. The onions are from last year, they survived the winter. She also has beans, corn, and potatoes in this plot, along with a patch of buckwheat.


That's all I have for this community garden update, I hope you found it interesting!


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 2 months ago  

Gosh, everything has grown so fast. How much does it cost to rent the land?

The first plot is 25 dollars for the year, and each plot more than 1 is 20 dollars per year. The city owns the land and they provide water. That makes it a pretty good deal.

It looks like you are going to have a good crop this year.

 2 months ago  

3 weeks can go by so quickly in a garden! Pretty soon you'll be over run by those pumpkins!

These plots are beautiful! I once dared to plant potatoes at home. The plants grew up to a certain point very beautifully, but then they just started to die. I checked under the leaves of some of them and no pests were present, but still each and every potato plant died. I remember planting corn at the same time as the potatoes and the corn did grow beautifully.

Why did my potato plants die? do you have any ideas? I remember they started dying from the top, from the new shoots and then the little leaves below continued to die.

They might have gotten potato blight. It's the same disease as tomato blight.

I love your crops, they look so very healthy. I wish I could also grow those crops in my garden.

Manually curated by brumest from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Your pumpkins look so good!

Your pumpkins look so good!

Thanks! They seem to be doing really well so far.

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 2 months ago  

Potatoes are looking excellent!

I must admit, I'm pretty happy with how they're growing this year.

This post makes me want some vegetables! Garden looks amazing!

Thanks! 😊

those are some nicely sized lots you guys have there! i look forward to seeing what they produce!

Each plot measures 14 feet by 20 feet, so it's a nice sized plot.