Visit a bee farm in my hometown

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Hello dear Hivers, today I would like to take you to the bee farm in my hometown, Dak Lak province. I am in my hometown during my family visit. My family has a local specialty store, so we work with local farms to source clean and high-quality products for the store. And today I have the opportunity to go with my brother to visit a bee farm that I would like to introduce to you today.


This farm is located in a rubber forest in Tam Giang commune, Krong Nang district, Dak Lak province. They have been a reputable honey producer since 1998, so my family chose them as a partner. In this season, the main product of this farm is coffee flower honey, because this is the coffee flower season in Dak Lak. As you may know Dak Lak, my hometown, is the coffee capital of Vietnam and we are the second coffee exporter in the world. Every March, the coffee plantations in Dak Lak are covered with a beautiful white color of coffee flowers. At this time of year, you can smell the sweet aroma of coffee flowers almost everywhere in my hometown.








And this is also a busy season for bee farms. According to the farm owner, at this time, they harvest honey once every 5 days instead of 10-15 days as usual. Because with the vast area of coffee in Dak Lak, the amount of honey produced is very much. You can easily see worker bees working hard at coffee farms. And also thanks to the hard work of the worker bees, coffee flowers are pollinated and developed into the ripe coffee berries that we still drink every day.












There are many "bee houses" on this farm. A "bee house" is a wooden crate containing many beehives. Like the worker bees, the people on this farm also work hard during this coffee blossom season. When I got to the bee farm, they were already harvesting honey from the "bee houses". To avoid being stung by bees, they use smoke from firewood to repel bees. The working atmosphere at the farm was very busy. There were also some other customers who went there to buy honey like us. By purchasing on the farm like this, the quality of the honey is guaranteed. And coffee flower honey is also a specialty and popular product of my hometown.





I hope you had a pleasant time touring around a bee farm in my hometown with me. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I wish you a good day.

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Forgot to comment after I shared, but amazing photography like usual!

Never been to a bee farm. That word bee is very scary because of the bee noise and bee sting, but l love using the honey. One day I'll visit the bee farm until then my courage is still loading.

I think you should.  Visiting and be fine is an interesting experience to learn how the bees create the honey and how the workers collect it.

I didn’t know smoke from firewood repelled bees. Interesting. But even with this, I’ve always found bee farms a complete no no. A small hole in the protective wear will give you memories to remember until the end of your days. Unpleasant ones.

When I saw the honey comb, I thought that was some sort of foam at first.

Great pictures as always, man.

Thank you very much friend.
It's unpleasant to go into the bee farm with the net covering our body but we have no choice. despite of that visiting a bee farm is an interesting experience.

This is such under-rated work. I knew someone that kept bees for this purpose of pollination and it's a full time gig that comes with it's own challenges. You got amazing photos. What an awesome experience

Thank you very much for your visit and complement.
You're right. The bees and the workers work very hard to create the honey.
By visiting the bee farm I learned a lot. Now I know how to distinguish the fake and the real honey.

Wow! So we can say "coffee honey' because they are feeding on coffee flowers. This is very interesting!

Hey @franzpaulie
We do have honey coffee, But not because of the honey, It's about the method to create the coffee to make it with honey flavor.

The bee farm is very beautiful. The method of collecting honey from here also looks beautiful. Moreover, there are many flowers where bees can sit and collect honey.

Thank you very much for your visit and compliment friend.
Yes they are so many interesting things to see in a bee farm.

Hey man, just out of curiosity... Did you stop replying to comments under your posts or are you going to get back to them later?

Hi dear friend, it depends on how busy I am. Ah wait a minute, I forgot to reply one of your comments.

It was not just me but many commenters on a couple of your last posts. It´s ok, you can do that of course, I was just asking...

What I really love about farms is the interesting creatures and things that I can encounter, like the activities of the people inside. Anyway, I am afraid of bees since I experienced how it stings. Despite having such experience, I still love the natural honey and buys a bottle of it in the public market. It must have been a great moment getting a chance to witness how the bees are taken care of :)

Actually I got stung by bees many times before but it's okay, I have some experience with that. And you're right, there are so many interesting things to see in a farm.

My first time to hear about coffee flower honey and very interesting! Didn’t know about the smoke.
Did you get to wear the suit too? Or they’re off limits?
Amazing photos by the way!

Hi there
Yes I wear the net too. It's a little bit uncomfortable, but we have no choice. And I learned a lot from the farm.

Very nice project at the bee farm

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I do love bees and everything that they do, but i'm deadly frighten of them so it a real LOVE/Fear relationship with bees

But some great photos and well written articles


It seems to be a complicated relationship, hah. For me I love them and love to see how they work.

These photos are so cool. I have always been interested in beekeeping.

Thank you very much for your visit and compliment, friend.

It looks very interesting hope you have great experience. Awesome photography

Thank you very much for your visit and compliment, friend.
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Amazing shots mate, that's what I call creativity that comes with passion. loved it...

Wao very great and amazing photography. I really like it. You have always shared very impressive content. Here in Pakistan too, honey is used a lot in winter and some people are so smart that they bring some from the village.

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