Retrospective & Last Harvest Of The Year

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Hi there!

A little throwback, on this year of agriculture 🙃

In April, the land was bare...

We were still waiting for the weather to be good enough to plant, and I was still quite tired from the previous year potato galore, that I've documented here on Hive.


May was a blur, we started sowing small spuds, and planted the tomato purchased from the local grower.



The warmth arrived in June, with the sun, but it was a surprise for us. That's not my land by the way, this pic. it's another farmer, way more experimented than me haha. Just enjoy the nice picture, alright?


Of all the months, July was the busiest.




And with the heat, the drought, we lost countless amount of plants. You would pour water, and it would evaporate almost instantly. I tried to do it 3 times a day, but it becomes such a tedious job, that I eventually gave up on a young berry bush I purchased last winter, and the bush beans, started wilting



August, I wanted a break :D


I found an old coin in the soil, dated from Napoleon! It's only 5 bucks worth, but I guess I take is more as a sign of good omen.






I did a whole post for September, that's the one, and apart a few hurdles, we got a few things to harvest.

Now we are in October, and after spending a month and a half in Spain, we decided to come back home for 2 weeks to finish harvesting the butternuts, (and other "herbs" 😗).



The last of the zuchinis, I am ashamed to admit that we have a whole bunch of them, and havene't eaten the one harvest a few months back.

Truth is, I didn't know that there is a suggested harvest window, you should let your zuchini grow for too long, as the outside skin becomes too thick and tough to chew.


Supposed to be cabbages, but it didn't grow properly.


We got gifted with a beautiful sunrise.






We didn't have the time to trim all the bushes, grass, plants, and just focused on a few things only. I guess travelling for 800km took a toll on everyone too, so it was important to recover for a few days.


And at last we took care of our Asian hornets nest, that was inside the roof. Apparently, the expert told us they weren't Asians, just normal Hornets.
Still, they put a dent into our ecosystem, and it would explain why our plum trees and fig trees, apple trees, didn't flower much.
You see, it's the bees that take care of pollinating our flowers, and with hornets as predators, all our hives got decimated, add the frost, and it resulted in low yield.

Lesson learned, we took care of the issue, and we will see if it was the culprit.


Anyway, now we are back in Spain, arrived on Sunday, and will spend the month of November enjoying the last of the late summer in Europe. As @mipiano mentioned, it's actually very common for the temps to be above 20 in winter in Spain, as it's often below 0 on our farm in France.

That was one of the reason we decided to travel for a while, the cold gets nasty, and we are also saving our wood for the coldest months of winter, January February and March. And then it will be spring again, and I'll go back to farming! We might hire someone to help though, it's becoming a lot of work, and I am only one man.

Stay tuned, i'll post about Ai Art this week, and also a song tomorrow or the day after!



 3 months ago  

It's great to see a place grow over a year. Thanks for sharing

 3 months ago  

Hey @ligayagardener thanks!

It's a pleasure ^^ I hope you enjoyed!

Yay! 🤗
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 3 months ago  

Thanks to myself! Hahaha...

Oh look at all those pumpkins. I finally got round to eating the one you gifted me, made a lovely curry from it . We have a bit of a heat wave at the moment, still quite warm at night as well. But we got some rain, so that is good, hope more comes.
Welcome back to Spain lovely family xxxxx

 3 months ago  

Hola como esta amiga!

Oh yeah I remember that it was even hotter on your side! It's crazy how the vegetation changed in 2 weeks time, it's way greener here now, and lot's of plants are growing.

I am writing in the garden now, and it smells like...wait for it...semen.

Did you know that Carob trees, make a flower with a particular amines secretion, it supposed to attract the bees, it has a particular smell of what I've just described. Yikes... I am happy I didn't mention it in my post last week!

I think I gave you "potimaron" which is a kind of pumpkins you're right, sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming in term of consistency, I am transitioning from one subject to another with ease, look at me.

These butternuts we got, they're a bit easier to eat in a soup. I remember in South Africa we were only feeding our son butternuts, squash, and sweet potatoes in puree because it was dirt cheap, and I've never been a fan of that baby puree shit in jar, you know what I mean, I am preaching a converted 😆

Wow I didn't know that, Carob trees grow really well, around here, but I have never lived close enough to one, to experience that smell lol. So really, semen smells like carob tree's, that sounds much better lol.
Yeah puree baby food is shite xxxxxxx

 3 months ago  

So really, semen smells like carob tree's, that sounds much better lol.

Hahaha I didn't think of it that way...

What a great little diary of your harvest in the last few months. And well, the coin may not be worth much, but it sure is an omen of good luck. Cheers!

 3 months ago  

Hello @coquicoin! How are you?

Thanks for the nice comment, it's always good to find a coin. I also like to find a tarot card, or a poker card on the ground. It happened to me a few times!


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Stay creative & hive on!
 3 months ago  

Thanks so much to you guys and to @hafizullah 💪

I love seeing everything you are doing in your house and with your planting, you can see the love and work you have dedicated to that beautiful land, you can also see enchanting sunsets, you have a life blessed by the love of nature . A hug.
Good vibes.

 3 months ago  

Hey Angelica, thanks for passing by!

I hope that you are doing well, yes indeed there is nothing better than the country side, even if it comes with a lot of hardwork and some tough moments!

Take care my friend and see you soon!

Thank you for the interesting impressions. The drought was a problem in many countries this year, even in Germany. I hope the coming season will be better for everyone.

 3 months ago  

I've got a great Michael Kane impressions, and also Trump.

I hope the coming season will be better for everyone.

Thanks, you too! There's always potatoes to eat, even during drought season, as they require less water than the rest! Cheers!

Nice update man.
The coin find is pretty cool.
Too bad about the bees and the fruit trees. That's unfortunate

 3 months ago  

Hey man, thanks for passing by! Yeah it's all good, you lose some you win some etc...Next year, I am interested to see if us eradicating the hornets will help with bees pollinating.

I am richer of an old coin 😁 I might have misplaced it though...

Hopefully the bees come back.

Lost it already!?! Maybe it's like the ring of power trying to work it's way back to it's master and you were just an intermediate step along the way....

Okay that was stupid haha 😂

 3 months ago  

Ah! Someone has been under the influence of the lord Bezos!

I am scared to ask, did you also enjoy ROP?

I am saying "also", because a friend of mine enjoyed it too, we're still friends, we're good, we're good...

I actually haven't watched it yet. We are working through other series right now so we keep putting it off. I should watch it soon before I start hearing spoilers.
Yeah I heard there are mixed reviews. Some love it and others hate it. I know that a lot of folks are unhappy that it deviates from the original ideas. I'll watch with an open mind and likely treat it as a new interpretation. As long as it does a better job than the Hobbit...

 3 months ago  

Ther other series that you're "working through", is there dragons? 😁

I'll watch with an open mind and likely treat it as a new interpretation. As long as it does a better job than the Hobbit...

You're a much better person than I am, but we all knew that didn't we? 🤣

I did episode 1 of ROP and I said "naaah, I like Tokien too much for that shit, but you know me, I am proably the worst audience. Very difficult to please, highly oriented on character developpment, script, and I truly hate ideologies being shoved down my throat (we had "the chat" before about that 😁)
I can't blame people for wanting to watch it though, it's an expensive show for sure.

No, shit. We don't have HBO so I can't watch House of Dragons at the moment. I need our android box to come back from France so I can stream it or something. No our current series are pretty lame by most peoples standards im sure - Downtown Abbey, and the Great Canadian Baking Show.... hahaha 😂

Oh wow you didn't even make it past E1!?! Well I understand your reasoning. I'll even give Wheel of Time Season 2 a chance despote believing that they ruined the series with S1 😂
Maybe I like punishment. Or maybe I just have too much hope lol

 3 months ago  

it's another farmer, way more experimented than me haha

And he has his clothes on 😂

Sounds like the heat and hornets took their toll. Here it's rain, rain, rain and rabbits and slater bugs. Not an easy time, growing food! Let's hope next season better xx

 3 months ago  

And he has his clothes on 😂

I don't like clothes, I don't like shoes, sue me 😄

Here it's rain, rain, rain and rabbits and slater bugs

Me: I am sure she is exagarating...



It's looking good on Friday though, and these temps are warming up a little.

Let's hope next season better xx

Good or bad let's hope there's a next season, I really like this show. 🙃 (yes, ending up with a classy metaphor on life).

It's lovely to see a synopsis of the seasons like this, @edprivat 🥰🌿🍃🌳🌈 Thank you so much for sharing this.... such fabulous photos!

 3 months ago  

Thanks so much @clareartista for your lovely comment! It was a good year all in all ^^ and can't wait for the next one. Cheers to you!