Red roses in my mother garden.

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Hello friends @hivegarden wherever you are, this is my first post in this great community, I am very happy to see there is a community that raises the background of the garden, because I am a farmer who likes gardening, basically my father is a farmer and gardening , I have several plots of rice fields and gardens which are managed by my own father, besides that my mother also has small plants filled with various flowers, one of the flowers I want to show today is roses, there are several types of roses some are red, some are pink and some are black.
The flower that I will show today is a red rose, this red rose has a very fragrant aroma when it is in bloom, I really like smelling red roses because the scent produced is much fresher than the other roses.

Alright friends @hivegarden let's see together some pictures of red roses captured by my cellphone camera.








Those are some pictures of red roses in my mother's small garden, if you like them then I will show you more flowers in my mother's garden and also the daily activities of farmers both in the fields and in the garden.
All the pictures above I took using a smartphone camera

camera Modelsmartphone Xiaomi poco nfc
Focal length5.43mm
Model photoflower
Oringinal picture@ipolatjeh1988

Thanks to: @guiltyparties @enginewitty @thealliance @c0ff33a for your support for each of us, they deserve a vote of confidence. Thanks


Good shots!

Thank you my brother....