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Big Mack swelling up

What's up fellow Weed Nerds! Hope the weekend treated you ok. The weather here has been a little warm, which has been nice. Still have not harvest any more plants. But that will change tonight. As of now I have just been giving the plants degassed tap water, mixed with RO to bring the PPM down in the 100 range. This is something new I am trying out, and seeing how my product fairs out. I imagine since my salt use was very minimal, I do not have a lot to worry about.

Rainbow Chip

As of today I am on day 70, but these where taken day 67. I was going to chop the all 3 of the Helena x PBB, but decided to wait a tad bit longer. There just looking so good, and I am trying to push them as hard as I can. Especially with the warmer weather, I am able to get the humidity down lower during the dark cycle. Which for me is 930am-930pm. I run the light at night since electricity rates are lower, and of course it is a lot cooler at night.

Helena X PBB

Macro shots of Helena X PBB

It is getting a little overwhelming for some of the plants, since the weight on some of the colas are bending over, and onto the other plants. Getting rid of a few will help alleviate the situation.

The Big Mack; The Blue Pheno

The Blue Pheno is still stacking on some weight. It too has started to cave in a tad with it's weight, but it being short, and stalky it has held up very well. Cant wait to see how she fells in. Even though this is a cross I made, it is not my favorite. Now don't get me wrong, if I was a fruity flower type of guy, this would be something I would say it was perfect. Which I guarantee if you are that type of cannabis connoisseur, you would fall in love with this cultivar. However out of all the plants in my tent, this one has the thickest, and biggest colas. If you look at the first picture of this post, you can see how big they are getting. Almost the size of baseballs!

Dirty Little Secret

My shitty phone camera does no justice to these flowers. The DLS continues to impress! It is something I will keep to myself, and only smoke people out with. For one I only have two plants. Two it is exactly what I look for in cannabis. GAS

Special shout out to a fellow Weed Nerd, and Block Chain nerd as well, @lacausa. Who BTW has a great grow, and post regalur updates here. He is a new grower, but is kicking ass, and already teaching me some stuff. I never can say how much I fucking love this place, and how much love is shown here on the Chain. For starts we all give each other votes worth actual $, that adds up over time into a decent savings. But then we go above, and beyond, like in this case. Not only did I get a kick ass box to hold some stash..

A very cool box indeed, but also

Some elite genetics!

That's right, he gave me 4 seeds of some flower that I know I will love. In fact I think I am going to have to clone these. My Exotic Genetics where Fem seed, so I was not so gung ho on cloning those, but these are REGs, and I have more confidence in these. We will see though, space is limited. Either way I will show these seeds proper care, and love. I am beyond stoked to take what I have learned this grow, and keep doing what worked, but next time I will incorporate top dressing, along with my feeding regiment with Roots Organics. I fell that was the missing link with the current grow. Even though I am happy, I know it can be so much better.

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This must be your best crop yet! All that practice and equipment has paid off.
Who needs a break, right?
I think I will chop tomorrow, give the garden a few days rest, and then start a new crop of herm-feminized 4th generation Steem OG :)

Yeah now I just need another fan for my dry room! Yeah once i get everything in jars, Ill embark on my next one. Ill start the seeds, then once they get in the 2-3 week stage Ill go see if I can get this clone

Wow, that's REALLY high CBD. Don't think I've seen anything that high in CBD before, if that is correct. And aside from that, yeah looks like something I would grow. I like fruity dank indicas :))

Looking very nice. Thanks for the shout out. The JB Kush Cake was the highest in THC at 37%. Cant wait to see you grow it, so we can compaired our grows and tighten the notches.

37%! Damn I bet there able to keep humidity spot on 40% the last two weeks, and keeping the temps relatively cool. I really wish I could have a whole room with the works. But yeah dude should be fun! To bad we where not doing it at the same time, but still growing the same strain in different cycles is always fun! Thanks again

Yea, its like seeing the future. I just got a dehumidifier. My AC is going crazy with cold humid air. It's hard to keep things consistent without all the commercial products. Tent environment can change in a blink of an eye.

Yeah that’s the truth! At least we both live where the weather is consistent. Although up here it’s a lot cooler, but with that comes humidity.

Those buds are looking nice.

Amazing work man. These are the best looking plants on the blockchain. I am digging those amber trichomes.

Thanks for the kind words man. I do have to say we have lots of great growers here, including yourself. I cant wait to see how i do with adding the top dressing. Everything was great during all cycles, but i do fell the finish could of been stronger, but hey live and learn :)

Just keep killing it and thanks for all the help with teaching me what I am doing. I am looking forward to getting started with growing again.

Cant wait to see you do some some Photos! Especially when you get a new light.

Those are some awesome looking tops on those plants!

Thank you!

Awww.. looks delicious 🤤

Thanks man, if there is a hive fest near me, Ill bring the buds haaha

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