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The Salinas Valley, 20 miles south of my home

Hello fellow garden nerds of Hive! I have been patiently waiting to get things going in the garden for the new season, and it is getting very close to where I can start getting some seeds started! It has been so cold the past couple of months, more so then what I can remember. To be fair though, it just may be because I am now getting up at 7am to take my kids to school. Before it was my wife who did that, and I was getting up at 9ish to get to work by 10am. LOL. But seriously it has been a cold year, because we have never ran the heater this much in prior years.

We are still not quite there yet, but I can this 67 degree day is getting me motivated, and has me contemplating on what exactly will I grow this year. Still undecided on everything. The only thing that I have my mind set on, is no Squash. I already have Garlic started, and you know that Glass Gem Corn will be on the menu. But what else? Good thing I still have some time to think. In the mean time I can slowy prep the garden and get it ready before it is time to put stuff in the ground.

In a corner of the front of the property I transplanted some shoots of Nasturtiums. We have so much of it growing on the other end of the property, and it is such a beautiful plant. Not only is is nice to look at, it is also nice to eat. Another great thing about planting these here, is because Nasturtiums is a pest repellant. Which is something I literally just learned now!

I also love this plant because it does so good in the shade. I only did 4 shoots, but after learning about the pest repellant, I am going to do it up and down the Jade Plants near the garden.

Which will be such a perfect spot for them, since it is well shaded. I wish I would of done this a lot sooner!

Another cool thing I plan to do is to plant Marigolds, and other flowers on the other side of those 2x4's you see on the edge of the garden. Before I was planted Marigolds with no rhyme, or reason. I figured it would be better for the garden, and nice to look at with a little organization.

I have just been devoting 10-20 min a day putzing around the garden, after all this is at work. However there will be days I have more free time after I get caught up with cleaning out vacant units, and whatever else needs to be done.

In my last post, I planted Garlic

Last week

Taken today!

All the cloves I planted are growing great. Thanks again to @anewyorkminute79 for gifting me these. I always love growing what my fellow Hivers have sent me. Believe it or not, it has been quite a few, and I know will be more in the future, I really love this place!

I can not believe that I mest up something as simple as spacing the garlic! It is recommended you space them 4 inches, and these are around 2.

Although they would of been fine this close, I figured I might as well fix this mistake.

Worked like a charm!

If you have followed along my cannabis grows, you would know that I love roots. When I cloned, I loved seeing those roots pop out of the Rapid Rooters. Then once I saw those roots, a bond between man, and plant was formed. So once I saw those healthy roots after transplanting that above Garlic, it was no different.

All together I have 9 Garlic bulbs growing. Which is great, since I put this shit on everything! I suppose within the next week, or two I will throw some top dressing on. Perhaps work some of my compost into the soil as well.

I also will complete getting the garden layout complete. Which will happen in the next couple days. Then I will decide on what exactly will be growing this year. I was hoping that the Pumpkin would of made it, but that is looking like it won't. Although I still have it in the ground. So perhaps I should grow a couple Pumpkins. Only thing is they take up so much room. I don't know, we will see. Until next time, thanks for tuning in, and make sure to keep an eye out for the next garden update. :)



Nice looking garden man! Can't wait to see it filled with life! 🌷🌱

That little vegetable garden can bring a lot of happiness. Good luck with it.
Garlic I think is also repellent but I'm not sure.

Thanks dude, and I am going to look into it.

Looking really good bro, you've been busy and are off to a great start this year!

Those garlic shoots look really healthy and also the roots.

I can relate to the feeling with the roots. The first time I saw roots on a clipping it felt special and even when transplanting I love looking at the roots.

Can't wait to see how everything turns out :)

There is something so cool about roots. Transplanting from pots also gives you a good shot at them, and I always have to snap a pic or 2 when I have that root ball out, lol. I bet I would really love to do hydro, but then again I would probably be messing with it all the time just to see the roots lol!

It´s great to have a garden where you can plant all kinds of veggies for your consumption and this will definitely prevent you from buying out there while you save your money for other things. This is a beautiful garden and your dedicating time to it daily is great. Soon, you will start enjoying its harvest when it starts coming to life.

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Thanks for that! You know I’ve been meaning to check this out. So when you make a post there, does it publish to as well?

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Thats great to know! Thanks again for this info:)

You're welcome.

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Here in my country the heat is too much. Right now I'm outside getting some fresh air.

It has been so cold the past couple of months, more so then what I can remember.

Your plants looks really good and you are starting early. Weldon friend!


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