Garden Update: We Have Some Fruit!

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What's good everyone? Hope your doing ok on this wonderful Thursday! It has been 9 day's since the last garden update, well at least the non psycho active garden update;). Things are looking decent, and I am having fun on my break time putzing around. Let's take a look at the progress from the last 9 or so days...

The Melons are crawling along, almost spider like. When I first started this garden, I was unaware of how big these things can get. But it is working out. Moving around the branches, Supper Cropping, and cutting some has done the trick. Other wise they would of took the whole garden.

It is almost funny looking back at when I was freaking out about a snail, lol. But then again those damn things could of stopped these Melons in their tracks if left unchecked. As you can tell, it has been very dry here, not even that much moisture coming in the mornings from the bay. So they stay closer to the bushes, and Jade Plants.

The Glass Corn is really started to get tall! One of my life goals is to grow a monster cannabis plant, in the mean time this corn will do.

I ended up pulling the runt, and yes you know I composted it! Can not let these go to waste. BTW I ended up cutting it into smaller pieces to help it compost easier.

A somewhat new edition to the garden is more Marigolds. I planted some seeds a while back, and had a cluster growing lumped in with each other. So I decided to transplant them, and plant around the garden.

Marigolds are great companion plants. They not only attract beneficial bugs that eat mites, and aphids, they also repeal certain bugs too. I actually just found this out, the smell repeals mosquitos away! How cool is that? So to those who live in a mosquito infested area, plant Marigolds.

I still have yet to stake up the maters, but they have yet to bloom, and my prognosticating has not bit me in the ass. Yet.

Peppers still doing shitty, but I do see some fruit coming off them, so it may not be a lost cause after all!

If I can get one bowl of Salsa I will be a happy man. At least I know what to do next time, which I am thinking use more good soil instead of the soil we have here at work.

The side project with the corn, and sunflowers are looking good. At least the sunflowers anyway. They are starting to be in view in the office. I swear these things grow a few inches a day!

We should be seeing some flowers by next week! It is so cool how these things move with the sun when they grow. Makes you wonder why did they name them sunflowers anyway? Kidding.

Well thanks for stopping by, and checking out my humble little garden. Hopefully by next update Ill have more to show you all. I sure do hope we get some rain here soon, just for the sake of everything else, especially up in the mountains. I am sure there will be another huge fire this year, the only question is where?



Growing vegetables is a very cool skill to have. I have been trying and also growing shrubs and flowers like roses and peonies

Cool! It is cool to use what you learned growing cannabis and apply it to other things. The other day I saw a meme that said ,”growing cannabis is a gateway drug to growing vegetables and self sustainable living “ 😂😂

the marigold is really great, we have a good ointment for minor injuries. I didn't know about the mosquitoes, thanks

Oh really? How do you make an ointment from them ?

Wash about two handfuls of marigold petals, dry them in a salad spinner and pluck off the petals. Now heat 125 milliliters of vegetable oil together with 25 grams of beeswax and gradually add the petals. Let the mixture swell for about ten minutes. The temperature must not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. Then let the mass soak for 24 hours - the marigold ointment is ready!

damn didn't know that about the marigolds, nice setup keep us updated on the monster corn lol

That's a good tip about marigolds and mosquitoes. I should plant some on my balcony.

Yeah they are also pretty plants to have around:)

Awesome man. I can't wait to start an outdoor garden and grow some fruits and veggies.

Yeah it’s definitely fun to do. I’m not even a big fan of watermelon lol. But my kids are.

Good information about marigolds! I will plant them right now!!!


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