Ides Of March

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GO? No, not yet. But close! At least I hope. This year has been the coldest I have ever experienced living in Salinas, CA. In fact the last time that I can even remember weather like this was when I was living in Kentucky. Fortunately it is not as cold as over there, but it has been cold enough for my liking, let alone to start any planting. Starting indoors would be the smart move, but not an option. This year has also been the wettest, and believe it or not we have another Atmospheric River starting tomorrow.

There has not been much to report on since the last update. Since then I have finished the layout of this years garden.

I wanted to raise the bed up higher, so I dug out the sides to place 2x4's.

The experiment to kill the weeds, and grass by laying boards on top was semi successful. I would recommend doing it by hand rather then this way, unless you plan to lay them for the whole Winter time. I also did find the Gophers seemed to love this as well, and made a home underneath the boards. However the Weeds in this spot where a whole lot easier to deal with.

The other reason why I wanted to lay the garden out with the 2x4's is to manage the weeds on the side a little easier, and to plant some Marigolds in these spots. Last year I planted inside the garden, and they did not do the best IMO.

I figured today would be a good day to sow some Marigold seed, due to the rain coming. So I burned the grass, and weeds to the ground with a Weedeater.

After Weedeating, I loosed some soil on the sides in order to sow the Marigold seed, keeping a lower profile then the actual garden. Again I am hoping this proves to be easier to maintain the weeds. I do hope these Marigolds grow as well. I have not had much luck due to the cold weather. However the forecast is calling for warmer weather ahead. After this rain, or maybe even during it is when I will start planting what will be going into this years garden. :)

Here is a side by side of last years garden Vs. this years. It is hard to tell, but it is about twice the size, and maybe around 6-8 inches higher.

Even though it has been cold, it has not got below freezing. But it has been damn near close! Which is why there has not been much above ground growth of these Garlics. But that actually may be what exactly I want? I could not say since I am a rookie. Anybody who can fill me in, please drop a comment. That's all I have now, hopefully things will start picking up, and Ill have more content to post more often. So stay tuned!



Awesome man. We are hoping to get some sort of outdoor garden going this year. We already bought a bunch of plants for inside the house. I’m looking at different options for raised gardens and other stuff. I would love to have a salad garden with different lettuce types and tomatoes.

A raised garden is a great idea! I’m sure your dogs would stay out of them since there older now. I think puppies would be a pain lol

I love that bed, I hope to duplicate it this coming Lenten Season.

Thank you, I am flattered!

You're welcome (^_^)

I foresee lots of green in the near future :D

Ha, thanks bro!

 7 months ago  

Doing that really helps the plants to be planted in that and Marigold is good to be planted in there to have some more color.
Happy gardening.😊

Marigolds also attract beneficial bugs :) Happy gardening back at you!

Your idea of raising the garden bed and having 2x4s around it then planting marigold sounds great. I imagine the grass won't get into the bed so it's also good. Hope the weather gets warmer over there for your seeds to grow. All the best and enjoy your gardening journey :)

Thank you so much :)

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You're welcome. Keep up the great work.

Very awesome garden size this year man! I can't wait to see it full of veggies!! And with the garlic, They should be good bro. Sometimes we get warmer weather for a week or so and everything starts to grow, trees start budding and BAM we get a cold freeze! My garlic has always withstood the fluctuations. So you should be good as well.

Well that’s a relief! And yeah I remember that in Kentucky as well. It would be warm, then next thing we know it it’s snowing, I imagine it’s more intense where you live

Another amazing work. Honestly you are really inspiring me.


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