My Small Outdoor Garden, Plus A Contest

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What's good Weed Nerds? Just sitting here at work on a Monday afternoon, and thought I would do a write up on my little outdoor garden. For those that have followed me for the past 4 years, yes I have been here for 4 years, and all I have to show for it is a lousy T-Shirt. So where was I, oh yeah my backyard. Well to sum it up, it sucks for growing things! I live in the Salad Bowl of the world, and thanks to my 2 story apartment building, the sun only shines for part of the day. I have experimented, and have found that if I want to grow some cannabis, it either has to be an Auto, or I have do light dep a photo period. This year I did both, and my results are mediocre.

Here is the last Crystal Candy out of the 3 I had growing. The other 2 where identical, while this one is a bit different. Even the terps on it are a tad different. Not so sure how much the flower will fill in, if not I will have some great material for making edibles.

Here is the gem of the year of my outdoor garden. This is one of the Monster Cropped clones from the All star F1 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese. I managed to Re-veg it, and flower it so I could pollinate it to make seeds to further my breeding project. This is pregnant from a very bushy, and short backcross of BMX {Mac and Cheese x (Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese)}. I can not wait to pheno hunt out of this seed stock.

Even after using it's energy to produce seeds, it is pumping out those cannabinoids! It's been around 5 weeks since it was pollinated, so here in a week I will check a lower bud to see how the seeds look, since it takes around 6 weeks for a seed to mature.

Here is a BMX female that also got the Light Dep treatment, same as the pregnant Big Mack F1. Sweet candy, with a mix of gas is how I smell the terp profile on this. I really wish I had an area with more direct sunlight, if I did, the buds would be more dense. Even the Autos I harvested where lacking. 9 hours of sun will do that.

BMX Cola

But I am happy to grow, and take advantage of the window frame to do what I can. I always at least end up with a good abundance to make edibles. This year though, I have some decent head stash, that I am actually happy to smoke!

The Crystal Candy Autos came out decent. Nothing spectacular, but decent for my microclimate. Buds are a tad bit on the fluffy side, but smokes decent, even for it being freshly dried. I will burp it for a few more weeks, before I dive in and start smoking bowls.

Time to join in on the guess the weight contests!

It's been a while since I gave away some Weed. Seeing the contests from Dave, and Loonatic, I figured I extend the fun here on the Chain. I have a good chunk of liquid Weed too. For anyone who comes closes, without going over(Price Is Right Rules), I will give away 1000 Weed, and 100 Weed for the next 10 guesses. Remember bud is on the fluffy side. Good luck!! I will accept all entry's until Friday afternoon.






7 point somethingish

Cool, good luck

Awesome man. I am guessing 20 grams

Sweet! Good luck

5.5 grams

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Sweet, good luck

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Considering the conditions in which these plants have grown, they look great. The one that appeals to me the most is the BMX cola. It has very good color.
8.420 g.

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Yeah not bad, definitely not great. My neighbor across the hill has some plants about 10 feet tall. I would be jealous, if it where not for my real crop where the medicine grows. Good luck with your guess!

If I am still on time, I think your flowers are very good despite the limitations of your patio and that you have in your hand is about 3.5 grams. HUG!

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Hahaha, you're that much closer to the equator, and you're complaining about not getting enough sun? :P
We manage to grow MASSIVE outdoor crops here in Canada, so I expect the "salad bowl" to do a little better!
Up your outdoor game, soldier!

Guess you missed the part of a building blocking my sun.

So 9 hours of sun but it's blocked by a building for that 9 hours?
My outdoor plant gets 6 hours of sunlight per day and it's vegging up a storm right now. Plants don't see light, they see dark.

That's why i bring these in the night to get 12 hours of dark to stay in flower, because even though it dont get direct sun, the ambient light is enough to re veg them if i let them. And yeah its been 3 years of posting, and growing, and my building blocks the sun, so it grows shitty plants. Simple as that.

And even if your plant is veggin out nice now, with that amount of light im sure the buds will grow fluffy as well.

Yeah I'm sure the buds will be spread out. It's my first full sized outdoor plant grown in the earth, so I don't really know how to top and crop it. Just going au natural. If the smoke finally dears out and we get the sunshine again, should be okay! Tired of these damn fires and choking on hot smoke.

Dude last year it was so Smokey, and on top of the apartment building, then the smoke my steem Og rotted! But it has to chance even without the smoke. That is when I learned my backyard was a lost cause to finish photo periods naturally.

So you going to take a shot of guessing the weight?

I think my outdoor plant is starting to flower. Better be! We don't have until November around here. Maybe mid October.

Looks like 10 grams to me :)

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I go for 14.7😁

Good luck

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Wow your plants! We are just starting our growing season -here in the southern hemisphere where spring is just starting- so excited to see our girls in the ground again!