Bitter Gourd Fruiting is Starting

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I recently shared about my bitter gourd plant, and here it is a few weeks later. In one more week, it can be harvested. I just hope it doesn't rot because it rained the previous day.

Often, when it rains, the fruits are damaged and rot. During this rainy season, caterpillars come out and eat the fruits and leaves.

Maybe it's better that I visit it every day and check the leaves and fruit for damage, in this way, damage can be prevented.

I can also use natural sprays like crushed garlic soaked in water for a whole day. Just filter it and you can spray it on the leaves and fruits to keep away the caterpillars that destroy the crop.


The plant and fruit look healthy and I hope pests don't attack as you have explained. I didn't know ginger can be used to get rid of caterpillars, thanks for sharing and please keep an eye on the plant as you have said.

 4 months ago  

Garlic not Ginger hehehe

Oh, thanks for the correction

 4 months ago  

Especially the new leaves are eaten, you have to be aware of those caterpillars spray with organic product, garlic is good as you indicate. I did not know about that bitter gourd. Thanks for sharing. Greetings.