December Garden Journal: Lot of Pumpkins came out!

in HiveGarden6 months ago
This is the first time I experience so much pumpkin! Last year, I had 5 pumpkins only but each one weighed 5 kilos. Now, the three pumpkins have 4 fruits each! So now, I have 12 pumpkins! ^_^

My garden area is small but everything is maximized. And each has the right distance to keep the nutrients of the soil as fresh as it started.

Every morning I look at the pumpkins to see how big they are. I had to support my pumpkins as much as I can... I had to put under each pumpkin a layer of cardboard, wood, or a thick plastic cap so that I don't lose my pumpkins to insects and ants. I love my pumpkins...and the care I give them should be more from the heart...

Oh, well... See you next week for my 1st harvest for December 2021...


wow! Little pumpkins comin out..luv it