Garden Update for Winter - October 12, 2021

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Everything is ready and planted except for Chayote which I will plant in the first week of November. If you notice, my pumpkin plant is quite large. I take care of it by watering it and cultivating the soil. And sometimes it needs water with a mixture of urine. Do you know this?

5% of the urine helps the plant to serve as natural fertilizer. You can do this twice a month! I just need to prepare the stick to guide the pumpkin when it is crawling.

The Sweet Potato

Here I planted sweet potatoes in the former chili plantation. I wanted to turn the sweet potato into a wall when it had crawled and grown to serve as a barrier in our area. Good idea right?

It's easy and fast to grow sweet potatoes. And do you know that I fertilized the dried leaves and branches of sweet potato during my last harvest? So, nothing wasted at all! And since I started planting sweet potatoes this last month of September, in the first month of January it can be harvested! Cool Right!

The Water Melon

It has so many flowers and blooms almost every day. It also has many fruits that are still small, but most of them do not continue to grow and just die. And since I am new to planting watermelon, I am still trying to figure out the cause of the death of its fruits and what I should do so that the fruits will continue to grow.

For now I'll just let the watermelon be like that and how long will it last. I'll just observe first for my next plantings I know what I have to do.

The Melon Plant

The Melon. This is one of the successful crops that has given me fruit so far. Melon is easier to care for and grow than watermelon. The only difference is, the melon branch is very sensitive and easily broken, unlike watermelon. So be careful with the melon plant.

Like a squash, you need to cut off its excess branches if necessary especially if it bears fruit and dies. We cut the branches when the fruit dies so that it does not deprive the other fruit or flower of nutrients.

The Light

Oh well, it’s just an extra! LOL, I’m just happy to share that I’ve already installed two extra lights in the back of our house! Now, kids can play and barbecue in the backyard! I want to add another light this week to be brighter at night!

I also plan to put 2 outlets on the outside to plug in the laptop. It's cold outside now so it's okay. I will also put a cover on it to keep it from getting wet in case it rains or while I am watering the plant.

How about you guys? What is your plan? What makes you busy?


Nice garden

Thanks, bro! ^_^
This is really what I do every day to entertain myself. You know our current situation in the UAE is really quite difficult. hehehe.