September 23 Garden: New Additions

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More than two weeks down the line and I am ready for the next garden update. For those who haven't seen the amazing transformation of my container garden, you can check it out here. Now let me introduce you to my lastest additions to the growing garden.

Two watermelon and two pepper seedlings
It's time to transplant the seedlings. I was late in doing this and I lost one of my watermelon seedlings to mold. This is the disadvantage of using an egg carton. In the future, I want to try using eggshells instead.

Seedling pot

All the seedlings were transplanted into pots which contained blueberries earlier in the week. It's always a good idea to only use plastics which are food grade safe! I used potting soil and added drainage holes at the bottom to ensure the soil is never too wet.

Pepper seedling transplanted
I used a spoon to gently remove the seedling from the egg carton and placed it in its new home. I continued this for the remaining pepper seedling, and the two watermelon seedlings.

DIY a growing pot and a mini greenhouse

These 5 litre water bottles were just gathering dust I decided to try my hand at making a mini greenhouse to see what the results would be. I took the one bottle and split it round about the middle, keeping a section uncut to create a hinge. I then filled the bottom with soil and wet it thoroughly after adding drainage holes.

Open greenhouse

Closed greenhouse

Gooseberry seeds
Last year I had great success in sowing gooseberry seeds thickly in a pot and then weeding out the weeker plants. I though to try that luck once more with the mini green house.

Gooseberry seeds for days

Once sowed, I added a thin layer of soil, closed the lid, and left it in the sun. I water it now and again, and it seems to be working well as I see condensation every day. I'll let you know as soon as something starts to sprout!

Newest members

I am very excited for the latest seedlings I am growing. I had great success with the Burpless cucumbers last year and I wanted to try them again this year. Their seeds are in the six furthest sections in the carton.

The central six contain a bush bean I'm very excited to try. Originally I wanted to get some sugar snap peas, but I couldn't find any. But when I spotted the beans I knew I had to try and grow them. Looking forward to how they grow.

In the last six sections, there are the seeds of what is known as a rainbow cherry tomato mix. I have no idea what to expect from these seedlings. All I know is that I wanted to grow tomatoes one way or another, and these looked awesome.

Cantaloupe seeds???

In the final 5-litre container I added a few cantaloupe seeds and took the top off. I have no idea why they're blue, I can only wager a guess that they have been treated with something to keep their longevity. I am trying my lucking growing melons at this time of the year because it's still surprisingly chilly in the mornings. So wish me well!

The Future:

As of now, I'm waiting for my seeds to sprout (spoiler, the beans and cucumbers are doing great!), and getting ready to harvest strawberries as my plants are out of control as of right now. If any fellow gardeners want to give some suggestions of plants I should try, I'm listening.

Soon, I'll need to get more containers to grow in, as I am running out of space in my container garden. Looking forward to what summer will bring me in terms of harvest!

 2 months ago  

Awesome job! amazing what you can do with old scraps and some seeds.

the blue treatment apparently you should wash your hands very well after touching them. the seeds are not good for you... however the food produced from them IS ok.

All my packets come with a warning (different depending on the treatment)

Can't wait to see what you grow in the containers!!!

After I play in the garden I always wash my hands. I can't stand dirt under my nails!

 2 months ago  

lol.... i know feels dreadful... :-)

Some fabulous Hacks there! takesnotes

Follow me for more! You should come see how busy the garden is now that those seedlings have sprouted!

I would totally love to!

May be a braai at my place once work has calmed down.

That would be so awesome! ❤️

I moved all the seedlings outside yesterday.

Beautiful gentle sunshine at the moment. Thinking of moving all my indoor plants out for an hour or so in the late afternoon.

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Thank you!

I love how you used the egg tray. I always forget to use our egg trays that are not in use, this blog of yours reminds me that I got to use them now, if not, they will rot and contaminate the seeds.

Just don't overwater them too much, and pot out as soon as the sprouts appear.

Thank you for the information I will keep that in mind.

Good luck with your garden!

Thank you.

The cantaloupe seeds look so, glittery! I was thinking about the mini greenhouse idea as well! Looks like you beat me too it!

The cantaloupes officially have leaves! I went away for the weekend and came back to three of the seeds sprouted!

Wow! That is great!

I'm very happy with the melons going so well.

I love this!!! I used to refuse buying pots and seedling starters... so we used egg containers, yogurt containers and water bottles. It works really well actually, but I like your idea of using egg shells so that it doesn't rotting!

Keep it up, your garden is awesome. I never seen seeds with that blue on it like your melon seeds... I wonder what that is.

I think it's to protect the seeds and keep their longevity. I don't want to buy too many pots, but I do have some for the continually harvestable plants such as tomatoes, beans, and cucumber. I like to use the 5-Gallon drums for this though. The rest of my containers are anything I haven't thrown away.

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