Off to the Ranch #27: Back to Work, Earth spaghetti & Fruit Trees

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Heeeyho Readers! More updates from our little ranch!

Finally the weather has stabilized and I'm able to cycle to our ranch again!

La Niña has been pitiful this year and rainy days kept me away from our ranch for a while. However, as Summer approaches we rush to complete as many tasks as possible. That's how ranch life is: you work all summer, to repeat the process the next year.

What a huge surprise to find our abandoned compost smelling so earthy and ready to use. A box full of great nutrients to the fruit trees. The first task is to turn the compost and feed the vines.


Last summer's compost

Because the wooden box is opened at the bottom, the earthworm are able to 'climb' to the compost. Surprise, surprise! Rainy year created soft soil and happy earthy spaghetti showed up. And a humongous mother-fucking earth sausage -- thankfully I didn't chop that *whatever-it-is worm with the shovel.


Earth spaghetti


Earth sausage

We planted the vines last summer and they kept pretty nicely during the winter. The leaves are green and healthy and looking really fresh. I bet they'll double the in size this summer. So, better feed them with more nutrients.


Vine trees


Feeding compost

The size of the other fruit trees astonished me. When I stopped going to the ranch last winter, the fruit trees had barely changed. Seems like the peach doubled or even tripled in a few months and it's already bearing fruits. Amazing!

Below is a photo from March, 2022.


March 2022

And here we can see one of our peach tree today. Our fruit trees are 100% organic and it comes as a surprise how it survived some sort of disease to become a beautiful young tree.


Peach tree

Of course the birds are gonna love a plot of land full of organic fruits. It's alright, there's fruit for everybody. The peach taste sugary and fresh.


Yellow peach


White peach

The plum, orange, lemon, tangerine and the others are taking longer to grow, though young fruits are sprouting -- maybe next year. Luckily we have native orange and tangerine trees on another plot.


Young plum



Next weekend I'm going back there to feed all the fruit trees and start a new compost. Last summer we managed to produce three loads of compost, without counting this last 'abandoned one'. Let's see how it goes this year.

See you.


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 4 months ago  

Thank you @diyhub and @stevenson7

So great to see all those plants and trees planted 😊😎 such a great update and they seem to be doing very well. 😊
Have a wonderful week further 👋🏻☀️

 4 months ago  

I'm indeed astonished by how fast those trees are growing! The birds are the ones loving it xD

A superb week for you too

It’s wonderful to see. Can’t wait to start a garden 😉🤓
Thanks enjoy your week too 👋🏻☀️

Oh god, I'm so lusty for fruit, those pictures made my mouth water. Still got another month before we get any fruit here I think.

Awesome to see all that compost being delivered, good job 💪

 4 months ago  

Are you in Chile? Interesting that some of the fruits at the supermarket here come from Chile

Yeah but I don't buy fruit as I hitchhike to town for supplies so I only bring stuff that won't rot and also fruit adds a lot of weight just on the water it carries. Also I'm running very low on funds but trying not to withdraw all my investments hahaha

 4 months ago  

When I was hitchhiking in patagonia chilean customs almost fined me for trying to enter chile with some argentinian bananas in my backpack \o\o\

Hahah those are crazy rules

lmao the earth worm looks pretty disgusting but they make good bait for fishing, right? I never tried peach and has always been curious about their taste!

 4 months ago  

they are little sticky earth spaghetti \o\ great for some fishe indeed

How come you never tried peach? You don't have those over there??

 4 months ago  

Fantastic - there's heaps of fruit trees there and the chickens will enjoy the fruitfall as well!

 4 months ago  

I just hope they don't learn how to fly little bitches
another good thing is that they have some shade during the summer

What? In that March photo, the trees look like they were just planted and in just a few more months, you are already eating ripe fruits? What magic is hidden in that soil? Incredible! But happy for you guys, looks fantastic! Cannot wait for the day when I show up over there to check it all out myself :) How is the construction of the guest house, I mean guest cabin going? You are building one for me right? :D

@tipu curate

 4 months ago  

There's a whole new house under construction xDD
I want to build a wooden cabin near the stream but gonna need some money =/ that would be an epic series of posts

What? In that March photo, the trees look like they were just planted and in just a few more months, you are already eating ripe fruits?

That's wild! I was also surprised. It feels like the trees spent all winter doing nothing and then suddenly zaaaaaap

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