August Garden Journal Wrap Up

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Well it's a testament to this challenge that no sooner had I posted it than no less than six were published in the next 12 hours - clearly, people had them at the ready! Love your work, green thumbs!


In Atlanta, @plantstoplanks got figgy with it with her post where she's uber excited about her figs bearing fruit and of course her plethora of squashes. I think we can call her the squash queen here, breaking the record as the only person in human history who's meditated with a squash on their head.


@sjarvie5's selfie was of a different kind, wrestling with an agave which is dangerous work! They do look architecturally stunning though and her big smile shows us how much she likes them.

Whilst @fotostef and @traisto missed the window for the big vegetable plantings, there's still things to take photos of, including this fuzzy cucumber.


@goldenoakfarm's bringing in the bean harvest - her prep skills for the year ahead are enviable.


I'm always amazed at the climate in the Phillipines - things seem to grow so fast there even though Laica's been hit with a few disasters. Her eggplants and sweet potato are doing well - let's hope that August is okay weather wise for her.


I love what our favourite hydroponic gardener offered from Indonesia. To cope with global stresses,@isdarmady said

As a person who has been doing gardening as a hobby and a job for the past few years, I believe gardening will lead to better physical and mental health. I rarely exercise, and gardening helps me be physically active and move more often. I also feel my mental health is better, when we see the vegetables will be harvested with bright green color, we will feel a very great happiness.

Certainly his very happy face on the selfie wall below attests to this happiness. Also check out this system he made to give to a boy's mother who is retiring - that'll give her something to do!


@nikolina's fruit harvest is incredible - figs, plums, raspberries, pears - if you were a fruit bat you'd be in heaven!


@proto26's posts are always a joy to read as there's always so much going on. If you want to know what gnomes have got to do with errant tomatoes, go read it. Bugs and gnomes and sunflowers and insects and sunflowers - I could tell he was are tripping over himself to tell us all the crazy things happening in your garden, a sign of someone truly passionate about their hobby.


Despite frosts in Chile, @jcchelme's garden is providing some herbs and fruit and even a rogue tomato! I particularly loved her huge olive tree - amazing how old they get!


Many people don't realise you can share OTHER people's gardens for this challenge. IT's a way of connecting to other gardeners and who knows - the garden you share might inspire someone! @mamrita shared about her mother's garden, particularly enthused about all the delicious raspberries. @scribblingramma has also had an abundance of raspberries! Good to see her weed matting has worked a treat too.


This post by @pixelhuntersam is one that tugs at my heart - I'm always pleased when someone STARTS a garden, often due to hardship as we all know during the worst of COVID. They worked hard with their mother in law to create a garden to ease the pain of mental health as well as some other curveballs thrown their way.


@caydenshan shared their bonsai plants (we're not all about vegetables, you know!). In the southern hemisphere @ligayagardener is preparing to plant more seeds. In Australia we're lucky to plant some vegetables all year around, but we're all looking forward to teh summer crops and it's hard to hold off even though it's wise to wait a couple of weeks.

Last month's winner @thebigsweed shared what's happening - so much abundance at theirs! Beets, carrots, garlic - I'd love to enjoy a garden meal at their place! And don't you just lvoe their raised beds, making things a little easier.


The other half of @thebigsweed, if you didn't know this Hive gardening power couple, is @farm-mom, and she's in charge with posting about the flowers and herbs that also bloom in their garden.


If you want to feel a bit of joy, go read @hindavi's post where she expresses happiness over her garden. THE cosmos is flowering, the view of the boats with a rainbow, peas - and even a grasshopper - really brought a smile to my face. She writes:

The tomato plants look like they are tired of the wind. Some sugar-pod peas or snow peas are blown down. the pumpkin and squash never sprouted. yet there are still many things that make us feel good. harvesting sweet peas, berries, rocket, kale, and different herbs give satisfaction. when I come back from work the flowers all around take away the tiredness. spending some time and enjoying myself with them refills my energy.

Gardening makes us poetic with joy, doesn't it?

@senorcoconut has also been battling with heat, but his pumpkins are doing just fine and it's wonderful to see a gardener eating broccoli flowers as we often think only of the classic bloom that we enjoy and don't consider that the broccoli leaves and flowers are also good for us. Just don't forget to leave some for the bees!

@edprivat, our resident comedian gardener, wrote a lovely update on his garden here. It's been hot in France but looks like everything's doing well, including some spicy radishes he can't get rid of. He's also being comparing the size of his courgettes to his neighbours. Perhaps we should have a courgette weight and length competition in the Hive Garden?


@mers balcony garden has been suffering a little due to odd weather - it's been unseasonably cloudy, but she's still managing to produce some peppers and tomato which is good news. This inclement weather is definitely a trend - too much heat, too much rain - everyone's noticing it. @sofs-su also has a lovely balcony garden, bringing nature to her as she recovers from various ailments. The sunbirds flit around in there. Do check out her balcony garden - with hanging plants, hoya, succulents and more, it's really inspiring.


The Winners

Passion Prize @sofs-su deservedly recieves this prize for her lovely balcony garden. When one isn't well, it's a real comfort to bring nature right into their living space.

The Selfie Wall

Do you know everyone here?

My project-1 (1).png

Vegetable Garden Prize 3 Hive each to @goldenoakfarm @luckylaica and @senorcoconut this week! Always hard to choose!

Selfie Prize @farm-mom! Can you find her on the selfie wall below?

*A little note - I did try to get everyone's post where I could this week, even if you didn't follow all the guidelines. As it's harvest time and there's so many posts, in the end I had to check who dropped the link under the challenge as requested. If you didn't drop the link and I missed you here that's why. I'm only human and I have a garden to tend as well :P Never mind though - if you were missed, there's always next month!

With Love,


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Good selection dear @riverflows. very nice to read your summaries posts about all gardener's work respectively you mentioned. most of them I went through but because of busy work days, some I am missing I will go through those and definitely enjoy them. greetings ❤️😊

 2 months ago  

I always think if we manage to comment on a third we are doing pretty good!! We can only do what we have time for and I know you always comment when you can! 💚🌱

I just read this summary full of good contents.. I 'll check them all out later and to be sure I don't miss many tips. Thanks for adding me dear friend @riverflows. Have a nice day doing your gardening and do not work too much!

 2 months ago  

I'll try not too! Working in the garden is the best kind of work! Thanks for your contribution as always dear @mers 💚💚🌱

Welcome dear..remember, always a hat! 😎🌹

Thanks for the mention my friend. There were some great posts this time around which I really enjoyed. So often I will learn something when I read a post. So many different gardens with such a large variety of fruits, veggies, and flowers. Some of the stuff I can't grow in this region, but it's still a ball learning what and how others go about gardening.

As is always the case, great job on this post!

 2 months ago  

Thankyou! I agree with you, reading what others are up to is so much fun. It's like sitting down with a good gardening magazine but better as you know people! Best time of month for me. Love this community... Honestly when I see you and @farm-mom put up their posts I feel such joy!

With comments like this I also feel the joy!

 2 months ago  

Thank you! I finally made it! :))

 2 months ago  

Hahaha yes. I have included you before though love! Xx

I'm positively drooling over the raspberries. And everything else, really. I need to remember to dish out my selfie guessing prize because someone actually did get quite close...

 2 months ago  

Oh my god, so many raspberries! I was drooling too. Soooo good. I'm paying extra special care with mine in hope of a crop this year! I'll have to fight the birds though...

F'ng birds. They've found my figs. I pulled off a few dozen in about half a week, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised the pests have discovered their ripe goodness!

Great garden journal as always. Love the selfies too!

 2 months ago  

Aren't they lovely? I always love seeing people's faces!

They are lovely indeed.

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Sometimes it is very easy. but not always. But always wondering how you manage for reading all posts and comments for everybody. I admire you. you are doing very great work. thanks for mentioning my post. I love this community, respect all hive gardeners, and admire their hard work. thank you dear bring the whole world to one place called the hive garden community.😊❤️

 2 months ago  

Awwww my heart! 💚💚💚💚 it's a joy... especially with lovely comments like this.

 last month  

Some great selfies in this lot and a lot to read as usual! Well done all with inspiring the rest of us to keep on gardening wherever we are!

Wow, Thank you so much @riverflows and to all the @hivegarden team. It makes me happy every time I'm appreciated for all my garden journey. Congratulations 🎉🥂to all the winners as well and thank you so much @riverflows for all your efforts in summarizing all garden updates as much as you can 🙂😘 🧡💛💚.

What a great post! I haven't posted my garden here yet but I do love to browse through the community and check out all the amazing gardens.

 last month  

Can't wait til you do?

Wow! All was so nice! I have nothing in my garden right now! hahaha. The weather is not good!

Some very talented people here!