TALES FROM THE GARDEN - It's so HOT, I hope it will SURVIVE!!!

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It's always scary leaving the vegetable garden for a few days!

Thanks to being crafty with our friends, we found a teenager who was willing to house sit, take care of the dog, the fish and the garden while we went to a festival!!!

We had quite a few things going before leaving, first there's that pretty eggplant you see in the top photo, we harvested it, and put it away in the fridge so that it wouldn't overgow whole we were gone. We never grew eggplants, so we wanted to be on the safe side for tuis one... hopefully it wasn't too early!

Then we had to clip some more leaves from our pak choi and swiss chard, like we did a couple weeks ago using the Cut and Come Again method.

The patch of what I thought was going to be full of cantaloupes, is starting to show as something entirely different! It looks like Potimarron, which is a great surprise. This squash is a small punkin that tastes a little like chestnut. It's so delicious, and we will enjoy that very much.



I collected some seeds last time we were in France. I hope the squash we have keep growing... it's been so hot some of the legs of this plant are looking a little dead! Could it be from over-watering?

Squash and the likes, are other plants we haven't grown very much, so I don't know what's up with that. I did cut off the dead bits to see what will happen.


Our tomatoes are coming along nice though! I cannot remember the names of these two types at the moment, but the grape ones are these really sweet yellow bursts of flavor, we eat them like candy!!!! It's hard to keep them in the fridge very long.


The larger tomatoes are an heirloom variety that is also very sweet. These should come out all pink and slight purple tie-dyed looking, unless they've gotten cross-pollinated. In that case it'll be a nice surprise too. I just love tomatoes!


The cucumbers ars also doing great, we've already had a few. They're nice and juicy, with small soft seeds.


And here's our lonely radish, I'm convinced the birds found all jut one of the seeds...and that's why only one out of fifty grew! Damn birds!!! They sure are pretty though. I'm letting that go to harvest the seeds.


Broccoli Broccoli... it seems we have always had a hard time growing it. The ground got too hot apparently, and it all bolted very early. It's ok though, at this point what I want to do here is just collect the seeds (again) to make delicious sprouts! It's still sandwich season ain't it?

The problemmis thr solution.

Also we ate a lot of the flowers while they grew!


That's really all there is to the garden this week... there are more eggplants coming, and bell peppers are also on their way!


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 2 months ago  

Those Potimarron sound very interesting.

Oh they're so tasty!!! And they're very manageable, because they don't get very big. I hope that's what we have growing there!

 2 months ago  

I'll have to see if we can get any seeds here. Manageable is good in our small space.

One pumpkin for two!!! I'm sure you can get them online...

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Thanks for all that!!!

I believe you harvested the eggplant at the right time :) The Potimarron got me really interested, never saw one before.

And while it is too hot there in your place, here is raining a little too much.

It tasted just fine in a curry!!! Yeah Potimarron is a pretty awespme pumpkin to eat!!!

Too much rain, that was our summer last year!

Oh, that's a great variety then :) Hope we have them locally. Been thinking about growing zucchini so it might be good to grow them along with pumpkins.

Weather has changed a lot these recent years.

Here too, it's changed quite a bit. I guess the weather patterns are changing everywhere...

You can probably find Potimarron seeds online if you don't have them locally.

That's true, weather's changing everywhere.

I will check the Potimaron at the farm store tomorrow or the next day :) Thank you

You're very welcome! I hope you find them.

 2 months ago  

Even in disaster there's opportunity - I too have problems with broccoli and always plant it at the wrong time so the ground dries up too much and it bolts. Du'oh! But the greens and the flowers are still edible so not a complete loss!

Everything looks to be growing nicely! The pumpkins look cute. I love collecting seeds from around the place, it's like a little travel/personal history in your garden.

Yeah broccoli's hard one!! Soil has to be just right, maybe we can breed the brocoli to be be hardy to specific regions too. Looks like we have one coming up now!!! It was a different variety that we planted as a seedling from our local farm.

Ah traveling... maybe soon again, I'll get on the road!

Love the fruits of your crops, it seems that you are going to have a great harvest soon!

Yeah, it does right? Thanks so much

You're welcome (^_^)

The age of growing, let’s go!🌳🌳🌳

Yes yes... I keep on growing...and my neighbors are starting to be inspired I think!