Starting a garden Post #27

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Welcome to my Starting a garden blog Post #27 🙂 First some pretty pictures. How about these lovely peppers?

Late summer flowers

And of course some flowers 🌻 The local wildflowers are blooming again with the rain and cooler temperatures. It got all the way down to 36F this morning.

Blessed Rain

We have had a few nice showers and the small creek is flowing again. It has been dry since mid-July.


Fall colors are starting.

Hint of color

Lots of maples are starting to turn. More to come 😁

Moving along to the garden...


“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” - Churchill
Ok maybe it is the beginning of the end 🤣
The sunflower, cucumber, and zuchinni (plus marigolds) bed is about done for the year.

Clean bed

Today's project was cleaning out the bed. Looks so pretty 🙂 I will probably take down the trellis tomorrow too.


We are still getting some nice harvests.


We brought in some of the pumpkins because the vines had mildew. Also brought in some of the onions (these are the ones we grew from seeds @melinda010100).

the Pear

And we harvested THE pear 🤣 Those of you that follow me know the story... I planted 12 fruit trees this year and have one pear for this years crop. Its first year so I was expecting much but one pear is kind of a joke.

Pear halves

Perfect and yummy. Hopefully next year there will be many more 😅

Thats it for my Beginning the end of my garden Post 😁 Have a great week!

Bonus pics:

Overcast lake

Lake Dunmore on an overcast day with clouds on the mountains.

Morning fog

Foggy fall morning.


Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thanks @qurator for the support and thanks @EwkaW for checking out my post 🙏

Yay! 🤗
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The peppers and harvest look amazing!

From what I've read, getting even ONE the first year is shocking... Most fruit trees take 2-3 years before they bear fruit

Thanks. We are thinking about trying to move some of the pepper plants indoors for the winter. But we have never done that before so I don't know if we will 🤷‍♂️ The pear trees we got had some blossoms when we were transplanting them. Our cherries blossomed but I don't think got pollenated. And the apples didn't really even blossom. I'm hoping they will all start to get in the rythym of the seasons now that they have had a full year in the ground.

I've watched some video, and thought about it, but decided this year, I am not bringing any of the peppers inside over winter. I have a few shelves of indoor lighting, and heat mattes, and saving them for my lettuce, herbs, and spinach plantings I do over winter. We have had fresh salad greens and herbs for the past few winters and I aim to do the same this year.

Wow thats impressive. I have a couple of shelves and lamps don't have the heat mattes and don't usually heat the garage. That would take some work. If I do peppers, I will probably bring them in the house.

 2 months ago  

Haha I remember my first pathetic pair of pears ....

Next year you'll have to rename your series .. you definitely aren't starting a garden now!

Fall is lovely but it's sad to see your growing season come to an end...

Yeah I could have a blog naming contest 🤣 I will probably stop this series when we get the beds cleaned up. Thanks for checking out my blog 👍

 2 months ago  

I'm going to bloody hate it when you stop for the season!!!!!! Sorry I don't stop by enough, just a really hella busy time with this marking job. It'll be over Thursday and you ARE on my favourites list so I will stop by more often, promise. I don't mean to ignore you or be rude.

lol you are insecure in our relationship 🤣 I sincerely appreciate you stopping by. Thats all. You always check out my posts.

 2 months ago  

Aw, that's lovely. I'm insecure in most things, to be honest - haha. I have this wierd empathy - I know what it feels like if no one comments on my post, so don't want my friends to feel the same!

 2 months ago  

how did the ONE pear taste... lol
id love to grow pears. But doubt we would get away with it here. tooo hot too much fruit fly.

We are just getting zuchs now. Should be eating them in a week?

The pear was delicious not too sweet but nice flavor. We had lots of zuch this season. Bread, baked, in soups, whatever we could think of haha

Very nice harvest... In my backyard, I had 5 strawberries, and 3 cucumbers the size of a golf ball... Too much rain and not enough sun. I'm almost jealous of your pear. But at least normally next year you can't do any worse 😀.
Have a great week

No where to go but up lol

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Done 👍

Thank you for your support @steven-patrick, really appreciate it! 👍

That's a nice harvest! Very nice coloured peppers!
But just one pear from 12 trees 🤣 That's a bit disappointing indeed.
Don't they invest more in their roots then their fruits in their first year?
I thought I had read that somewhere. So probably you will have loads of pears next year.

We have also planted one apple tree this year, so we might face the same thing next year.
We will plant another one of a different breed in November. We found out that having different breeds close to eachother would help the pollination and result in more fruits.

Thanks! Don't go down the rabbit hole of apple tree polination ☠️ danger danger Just kidding there is a lot out there about which varieties to plant with which varieties and which are self pollenating and which need a different variety and when each variety blooms so the blooms will be out at the same time... it goes on and on. I think it can be overly complicated. A few trees relatively close together work usually. And depending on where you are the pollenators maybe already at work close to your trees anyway.

Thanks for the warning, haha!

We already have a lot of bees and hoverflies attrected by our Japanese crabaple and some other flowers and plants that attract flying insects.
The trees are self pollinating, but the insects seem to help.
We also bought an almond tree. I read that you could also do a manual pollination with a brush to stimulate it. I don't see myself brushing off my almond tree yet 😂

Lovely last harvest. I love all the tomatoes, pumpkin, peas and single pear. I am sure you enjoyed it thoroughly.