The underrated fruit

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I had the opportunity to be in the midst of some agricultural students and we visited the school's pineapple garden.


The plant was already yielding its produce and the unripe fruit looked so nice. I learnt quite a lot about the somewhat underrated fruit and swore to always have a few slices everyday even though it's quite expensive.


Walking with agric students means learning a lot about plants, ranging from what kind of soil they need, atmosphere and how to care for them. I was amazed that plants too need utmost care just like humans do. Haha

Did you know that pineapple helps in reducing the risk of having cancer? Jeez! I was ashamed to have that knowledge for the first time and also amazed at the same time that I couldn't wait to leave that place to spread the good news to those who cared to listen.


I only knew of its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, never knew it could help in reducing the risk of cancer.


Also I learnt that it eases symptoms of arthritis, it also contains disease fighting antioxidants plus it's loaded with lots of nutrients that could keep your body energetic. What a fruit!


Lots of people don't like pineapple and I haven't seen a good reason why they don't but I think they haven't heard of the numerous benefits of this amazing fruit otherwise, they'd rush to have one planted in their backyard.

Learning all these things about this amazing fruit, I visited a nursery to ask for the plant.


Unfortunately, the seller didn't have what I was looking for so I just took a quick shot of her nursery plants. They looked beautiful and healthy but I wasn't ready to buy any as I don't have enough space to put a flower for now nor did I want to leave my budget for something else.

That's all from me, beautiful people. Thanks for reading this far 💋.


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Woaahhh... Your pineapple looks the same as my mom's, even the place where you planted it. Hehe
This one is one of my favorites.
Thanks for sharing the benefits of pineapple.

Awwwn 🥰, I'm glad it does look like the one your mom planted.

This one is one of my favorites.

That makes the two of us then. Hehe

Thanks for stopping by and making me smile with this beautiful comment of yours 💙

You're always welcome.☺️


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