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I've read several #gardenjournals this past week,
and a few of my favorite gardeners @plantstoplanks and @zekepickleman haven't had too much luck growing cucumbers.
I wish we were neighbors and I'd hook you up.
Cucumbers are wonderful in a salad,
but magically transforming them into pickles is even better.
Matter of fact, if we were neighbors I'd also hook you up with the best Garlic Dill Pickles this side of the Geneganslet Creek Mississippi River.

But since we live light years apart the next best thing I can do is to secretly give you my recipe if you promise to keep it on the lowdown

pickle time.png

I may be bias about my pickles, or could it be the freshness of the homegrown ingredients.
Maple syrup as a substitute for sugar is always a winner.

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1cup of water/8oz
3/4 of a cup of white vinegar
1 tablespoon of salt
4 teaspoons/.67oz of maple syrup

4 teaspoons of garlic
1 tablespoon of black peppercorn
2 teaspoons of dill
1/4 teaspoon of red pepper flakes

After heating the brine to dissolve the salt, it is put in the frig to cool down. The key to keeping the pickles crispy is to have everything nice and cold. I even put the cucumbers in the frig for a few hours before making the pickles. These pickles must be stored in the refrigerator.

ingredients (2).png

little seeds.png

more the better garlic.png

Sterilizing the mason jars before using them is a must. Boiling them, along with the caps for 5 minutes does the trick.

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When it comes to cleaning up I like to do it ALL at the end. This drives @farm-mom a little crazy. She is a fanatic about keeping the kitchen spotless, which I truly appreciate. Several times, with a concerned eye looking over my shoulder, she tried to tidy up as I was hobbitizing.


After about an hour and a half these bad boys were ready for the frig. I will let the brine do its thing for several weeks and then they will be consumed like a pregnant women binging.


4 quarts.png



 2 months ago  

Oh wow, you know that I've never realised that you could pickle SLICES of cucumber. That's one of those things that make me facepalm myself - of COURSE you can. And I love the way you use maple syrup - so honey would also work. Not only am I bookmarking it myself but putting it in the Garden Shed editorial - you know, keeping it on the down low...

That's funny, @lhes didn't realize that either. Since we make maple syrup using it as a sweetener was a no brainer. The pickles we made last year we made some with syrup and some with honey. Whenever we can get away from using processed white sugar we do.
Thanks for bookmarking this post, that's pretty cool.

Hehe I love to add some pickles in making diy tuna spread, yet I also love eating cucumber dip with mayonaise.
Now I am curious, I wanna try to make some pickles.

Give it a go, I don't think you will be disappointed.
Whenever I hear or read the word mayonnaise I think of @dandays. He detests the stuff which is hard to understand as it goes with most anything including putting it on backed beans. Mix the stuff with catsup and dip away any veggie you enjoy.

All I gotta do is read the word and I dry heave. Great!! Now my Coke Zero smells like it! Zero, it's Coke Zero I'm smelling, not coke.

I saw this post when you put it up. I was gonna say how I so hope to step foot on your farm some day but don't wanna get all broken record on you. There a fountain there? Flip a wish in it for me.

That's funny, you read the word and dry heave.
Every time I use the stuff I think of how much you hate mayooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
From here on in I'll now envision you puking your guts out.untitled.gif

Coke Zero that's about as much of that stuff I drink.
I enjoy a cold refreshing classic coke now and again.

Talking about coke, do you remember when they came up with a new recipe for coke and stopped making the classic. People were stocking up on the classic.
That marketing idea failed, what the f--k were the thinking.
Now that's classic, someone trying to reinvent the wheel.

You never know, the first step would be getting back to your HOMELAND.

No fountain, but a quick prayer is coming your way, for you getting things straightened out and for your health.

Later, I' being beckoned.

I can't see that Jim Carey gif and not think of Jeff Daniels when he's blowing up the rich chicks toilet.

I can vaguely remember when they made it clear, can't remember the recipe change. Looking back on all the vices I've had, when I can say my only poison is Coke Zero, not even the regular one with sugar but the zero sugar kind, I'm likely to hurt my shoulder patting myself on the back.

Cheers dude, I'll drink to that.

Speaking of vomit mouth dot dot dot.

That was a LOL scene I watched the clip and laughed like it was the first time I had seen it.

Steven Seagal, what a SOB.

If you're going to have a vice, coke zero is a vice the body can deal with.

Have a great weekend.
We're headed to Erica's house again along with all of the family for a house warming party. It should be a great weekend. We'll be returning Monday.

 2 months ago  

I'll share when I give it a go, provided I get the cukes to grow!!

"I give it a go, provided I get the cukes to grow!!"
I didn't know that the very talented @riverflows was also a poet.

 2 months ago  

Hahah, well, I am as well!!! I'll have to compose a garden poem - now there's a thought!


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I need to get my hands on some pickling cucumbers. It's impossible in this area. Having your own fresh ones for pickling must be like a dream. Every fridge should have homemade pickles in them. For me it's a fridge fail. I will be using your recipe soon.

Last year we made 24 quarts and finished the last quart in January and they were still as crisp as the first jar we ate. It was a sad day when the frig had no more pickles in reserve.
I hope the recipe is one you enjoy.

Wow! I will try that also!

If you like Garlic Dill pickles I don't think you will be disappointed.

Yes! I love Garlic! I always make Garlic Sauce...

 2 months ago  

THe pickle master!! I will steal your recipe, I've got a bit of an overgrown pickle situation!

THe kids love pickles!

An abundance of cucumbers, that's a good thing if the family likes pickles. Give it a go and I think you may be making them every year. I enjoyed them so much last year that we planted cucumber seeds in three different locations. I've already made 8 quarts of pickles and they are just starting to hit their peak.
Good to hear from you, my friend.

 2 months ago  

I make some killer garlic dills, but mine were always sent thro a water bath. They used to be in huge demand as Christmas presents. Never added anything sweet to mine...

You should try a little sweetener, it calms down the vinegar a little.

Thanks to your article,it's only now I know that pickles are made from.cucumber😂.
I felt so naive😬

 2 months ago  

Hahah you aren't the only one! Pickling cucumbers are smaller so we don't associate them with cucumbers, right? I never thought of making them with SLICED cucumbers lol... how dumb am I!

Haha so I am not the only one😂.
I will search some videos on youtube, i was curious how it become that small? Was it grind?🤔

That's funny you say that. We gave a few quarts to our son and daughter in-law last year and they loved them so much I made a few quarts with her. When we went to the garden to pick some cucumbers she said, "you make pickles from cucumbers." I had a good laugh, but apparently she was not the only one that didn't know that sliced cucumbers could make pickles.

Did you say pickle?!?

I am hovering over my garden in hopes of seeing my little cucumbers turn into pickles!

Awesome stuff old friend!

Your little cucumbers will not turn into pickles on the vine. you have to make pickles out of them.😁
I'm glad you liked this post.


Yah I have a friend who is an accomplished fermenter. I make a special jar with hot peppers in there with the pickles for some spice too!

I love that idea and will give it a go on a few quarts. I have added red pepper flakes to most of the jars and enjoy the spice it gives to the pickles, I can only imagine the spicy flavor the pickles will have by adding a hot pepper.
Thanks for the idea.


Preferably I just slide a long red whole chili in there between the pickles/spears. Only a little zing. I may have to throw a ghost pepper bomb in the bottom of one of them and see if that produces explosive results!

 2 months ago  

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That's is pretty cool, thanks for recognizing this post and archiving it in the Garden Shed. I'm honored!

Picklessssss! I'm sure yours are absolutely amazing. Especially with everything coming straight from the garden or your maple trees. Our cukes are definitely cooked for the year, so no pickles for us from our garden this season. That's alright, I'm banking on a bumper crop next year since that's how it seems to go. ;)

Sorry for the late reply, we've been on the road for the past several days.

The one thing about gardening is that there's always next year.
Gardening is funny like that, every year some veggies do great while others don't.
This year we had very little luck with the potatoes, and I have no idea why.

Oh no, not the potatoes! Grrr. Yes, I agree on your observation. I think that's how the universe ensures we keep gardening--enough success to keep trying, but not so much to get cocky, haha!

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These pickles look great and I’m sure will be enjoyed. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

The first batch should be ready soon and we can't wait to crack open the lid.
My pleasure sharing things I learn.

Pickles round up many sandwiches in my home both cucumber and onion, bottling your own with maple syrup a first time learn, maple syrup is super expensive purchase over here brown sugar has to do the trick.

Irony is my one son won't touch cucumbers, yet pickles he simply chomps straight from the jar. Last evening I mentioned to him how @jayna enjoyed fried pickles, now I have never heard of this, yet @dswigle approved this as top notch, now I have to give that a test run.


Maple syrup is also very expensive around here also. If we didn't make our own, I would use another sweetener. In the past we have used honey and brown sugar both.

We've made 10 quarts of pickles so far and we are hoping to end up with 25 quarts.

I've had fried pickles a few times at a restaurant and enjoyed them very much.

Thank you very much for the beer.

Sounds like this fried pickle is a must to try, will look for a good recipe online and give it a bash. Always enjoyed pickles being sour or savoury throw a chili into the bottle also does the trick.

You're the second person that mentioned putting a chili pepper into the pickle recipe. @zekepickleman loves his hot chili peppers and also mentioned doing the same. We still have plenty of pickles on the vine and I'm planning on making a few quarts with an extra kick.!


Whole chili gives great flavour, green/red colour does not matter, don't chop them up !LOLZ

After months in brine that chili normally good to go onto a sandwich as well if you enjoy a little extra kick!

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Because it cantelope.

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Oh those look so good! Although I like cucumbers a lot, I am absolutely crazy about pickles, especially dill pickles! And now I am super excited to try your recipe out because I have never made a batch with maple syrup before, that's awesome!

Also, I might have syrup envy...just a little bit lol! Thanks for sharing this!


I feel the same way, I like cucumbers and LOVE dill pickles. Sugar and honey can be substituted for maple syrup, but being that we make our own syrup I like using it.

Making your own syrup is a labor of love, but being retired now I can fit it into my schedule.😁

Thanks for the pizza, greatly appreciated.

Hey @thebigsweed, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

 2 months ago  

I made my pickles in a bucket this year, then forgot about them! Yuck!

That's is a major bummer!

 last month  

I did get 1 not bad pickle from the bucket hooray!