The Joy of Growing and Eating Your Own Tomatoes

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We love tomatoes and we grow them yearly. It was my late father-in-law who started this but when he died, I and Mum carry on. We used to have different varieties but we stick to having just Shirley tomatoes.

shirley tomatoes.jpeg

It doesn't take long until it grows and we just have to transfer it into a bigger pot.

We have a big greenhouse down the bottom garden and that's where we grow the tomatoes but Mum isn't fit to walk so we got her a small greenhouse wherein she can still enjoy watering and feeding it.


She can also sit there comfortable and have a snooze when it's not too hot.

Look how it grows.


The joy of seeing them flowering and as the green wee tomatoes started to appear is pure happiness.


And seeing green turns red even better!


And the much-awaited first harvest of the season.

The first taste goes to Mum!


She loves it with a shake of salt and salad cream. She loves her tomatoes because the ones we get in the shop is not as tasty as this.

This morning I went out and pick some more ready ones.


And turn those into this!

Tomato and Cheese Toast


Now you gotta enjoy the fruit of your labour! I had it as a side dish and in my salad but today it's going to my toast.

Let me show you how. Though I know this is super easy and you might be making this better than me. So we just need:

  • tomatoes (of course our very own fresh ones)

  • cheese (any cheese you like)

  • butter and lastly

  • bread


The first thing I do is spread butter on our bread and toast it a wee bit or just melt it in while in the oven.


While waiting cut the tomatoes.


And put them on the bread.


Add a shake of salt as Mum always say.

And then start cutting the cheese. It's better if I already have the sliced ones but I only have this at the moment. So this will do.


Then add the cheese. Put as many as you want.


And watch as it melts.


Mum likes it burnt but I like mine just right.


And for the finale. Yeah, now we're talking.


It's sooo good! Want to try it? Oh, common! Have a bite. Isn't it just good? I told you!

Thank you for reading and eating with me.

I hope you liked it!



My mouth is watering at the sight of those tomatoes. I'm sure they are delicious. I have a small tomato plant on my balcony, and although each harvest is only about five or six tomatoes, they are so eagerly awaited because they are sweet and juicy with much more flavor than the ones we get in the supermarket. Congrats on your harvest :) 🍅

Mum always says, there's nothing like the taste of your grown tomatoes. You can't compare it to the commercial ones. Oh I believe it's sweet and juicy! And one sometimes enough because we give some to the neighbors I know 4 pots are too much but it keeps us going. 😁 Thank you for your lovely comment and cheers to your tomato!

Your Mum is quite right.
You're welcome, and have a good week :)

Kung ako ang tomato sis, maeenjoy ko talaga ang paglaki ko knowing na ang ganda ng ambiance ng place kung saan sila tinanim.. 🥰🥰🥰✨ Ang healthy pa nila ❤

Thank you, sis! 😍

It's really fulfilling talaga kapag makapagharvest ka ng tinanim mo no especially kung inaalagaan mo talaga sya from the start.

Thank you, Yen! Alaga sa dilig 😁

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OMG madamssss fresh na fresh me also want OMG 😍🤤 IT look so masarap lalo with cheese aguy. Sarap gawin nyan here kaso mahal na tomato hahaha last tanong ko nasa 100 ata kilo aguy talaga.

Wow! You made me drool so much with that bread, I love the tomatoes too, they are looking amazing!

When I look at those tomatoes, my mouth starts to water. They must be excellent, I'm sure. It looks really nice with cheese surely.