My Dad's Backyard Vegetable Garden - Part I.

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It was the year 2020 when I closed and put on hold all work related matters in the back burner and told my parents I will be living with them with my wife and son for ONE year. It was something I wanted to accomplish as a bucket list in my life. Long story short, I have been away from my parents for a very long time... the year 2020 was a special year. I was free....


These trails you see above and below are the morning and evening walking trails in my parents neighborhood. The walk takes about a good 30 mins and its perfect for the whole family. My parents walk this trail 2 times a day every day. I got to really fall in love with this place in such short time. Before living with my parents I didn't know anything about Georgia.


For this personal bucket list I had to get my wife permission cause I know its not easy for the wife to live with the in-laws. I think this is a very universal thing. It happens in every culture... I wanted to give my wife an experience what its like to stay with my parents so she can have an understanding of my background. Plus my son gets to be with grandma and grandpa! They usually give the best and spoil kids with toys and goodies. For one year I think its ok. hehehehehe.

The most important part of this was that I get to be with my parents once again.... I felt like the high school kid I was back when I was 17.... Really.. no joke. There was a vibe in motion where it felt like a paused video tape just went back on play mode. It was in paused mode the beginning I left my parents to USA.... 1998 and now its 2020...its been 22 years.

I think my mom and my dad were pretty happy to greet me. Staying for one full year was my decision.


So we came to Georgia in January 2020. There were some things dad asked me to do right off the bat. The photo you see above used to be a flower garden a long time ago my mom said. But now it was just a bunch of weeds. So my dad asked me to help him trim off some weeds and help him burn it off. I love that smell of soot.... I really reminds me of my parents and their home. At the time I didn't really think much about why is dad burning these weeds and trying to make space for something. I didn't know what to expect so just did what he told me to do and went on with my own business.

The next month in February snow came to Georgia. It really felt good... like a real Christmas at the time even though it was way past it. During this month it was too cold to go outside so the one thing I indulged in was to eat as much of mom cooking. February was eating month for me.


March was coming up and the weather was starting to get warmer and warmer. One day during a dinner session at home with my parents my dad said he want plant/grow/harvest his own veggies. I never saw my dad farm or garden before so I was thinking he picked up a new hobby recently. That's great because at his age maybe a bit of exercise and good healthy eating is probably what is best for him. However, I also told him that we dont have a garden.. and was suggesting maybe we can do one of those indoor herb growing kit I saw at home depot.... and then he paused me for a sec.

"Lets grow our own veggies in our vegetable garden." dad said.

"But I don't see any garden... what do you mean lets grow our own veggies?" I asked my dad while I was trying to look for one in the backyard through the window in the balcony.

Dad replied looking at me with a confident look, "We are going to make a garden from ground up... see that grass land over there? Lets build a garden there."

garden area.jpg

I replied back looking straight at that grass area,
"We are going to need to hire some people to get all that grass and hard dirt dug out and put a fence around it. Who are you gonna use? You got friends who can do some labor work?"

He looks at me again and says,"WE are going to do it... you and me." I kept looking at that grass area.

My mind - "Shit.shit...ahhhh shit. From day one???"

My mouth - "Alright pops. Let do it."

My dad is the type where once he put his words into it... I puts all his effort into finishing it whatever it takes. The problem is he doesn't know when to stop and often overworks himself to exhaustion. We even fought because of that same ego... but oh well, dad is always going to be dad. Just go with the flow~


During the winter time the land where my dad mentioned seemed not too bad and was thinking maybe we can just use some hand tools to create a small basic 2-3 meter square land. However dad had different plans... while I am here he wanted to make one as large as he can with double the man power given to him. OK no problem, how hard can it be right? As spring was coming one day with some hand tools dad asked me to join him and get the land prepared.


As you can see on both top and bottom photos, the grass and weed grew so fast and thick! I swear during the winter time there was just light brown dead grass. Wow... they grow real fast! My son tagged along insisting that he will help because it was his first time seeing and using gardening tools. Little did he know the labor that went with it... :)


After several hours removing the larger bits of weed and branches as much as we can. Dad pulled out this fire torch thingy and started to teach my son how to use a torch properly. Ahhhh kids love to play with fire... yes. So for the first hour my son was having a blast torching everything in his path. I asked dad how much area are we going to burn out the weed? He wanted something like a tennis court size. That is a lot of gas we are going to use! He just smiles...yup.

I knew this was basically going to be a full time job for the moment until we finish it completely. and talk about full time work my body was aching like hell due to the muscles I never really used before working at the office.

It has been a while feeling this pain... its usually the pain that happens all over your core muscles area after you do the first 2 weeks of weight lifting. That soreness.... pain like this really makes me feel alive. Like and dont like at the same time kinda pain.


The next several days it was my time to shine in putting in a shit ton of elbow grease to turn the soil. After we completely burned off the weed and grass for a few days dad brought in the machines. I like tools with motors... they are my type of toys. and thank god for it too cause in the beginning we were using pick axes and realized the ground was way too hard. Went to home depot and rented one of these babies.

It took a while to get used to but I got the hang of it and started to turn the soil inside out. Since the land we are using is next to the lake, I have to say that the quality of the soil dad chose a really good spot. It looked really good, had a good rich soil smell, and plenty of moisture, grubs. We took out as much rocks as possible and left with just pure good soil.


When both dad and I are in the zone, we are just dead quite and just doing our thing. Trying to just finish the job. I guess it really has to do with the DNA when it comes to work. We tend to get in the zone and forget about reality.

As days were going by I actually felt a lot more healthier and sweat less. Got some really good sunshine tan I have not been for some time. I actually started to like getting a good workout from this. Not sure if I want to do this for life but once in a while I think its great for the body and probably the mind as well.


Once the soil was turned then what looked like a mortar bomb went off started to slowly become a garden as we divided the soil in sections and adding a fence to make sure the animals around us wont take the veggies we worked so hard on. As the fence went up and small veggies planted it really looked pretty nice! My son like to water the plants here with the hose we dad fabricated a separate water pipe line that draws water from the lake to the soil. That was a pretty smart idea.


During the time while I was missing in action for 20+ years it seems my pop's learned a few tricks. Actually I am damn impressed at the things he knows how to do actually. At the same time since this is my family's work project I also gave my all into these few months and the care we both put in the results were way more impressive than I have ever imagined.


A lot of things I do and see lately, for example this garden work project... in the beginning what looks like a joke, with an ambitious mindset can turn a weed grass patch of nothing into a beautiful garden that gives back amazing vegetables. I realize don't underestimate ambition... if you are determined enough you will eventually get there.

This experience made me think of one of my favorite quotes.

“Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the WILL must be stronger than the skill.”

Muhammad Ali


My son just enjoying the garden area like a playground. Good to see him happy at such simple things. Looking back at the memories, dad worked me out good when building the damn garden. I dont think I will ever forget it. And today's blog is about how we built that damn vegetable garden from freakin ground up scratch to when I see the photo's now... "Hey... Its actually pretty good vegetable garden!!!"

I didn't get paid any money from dad, but I did get to use his fishing gear!!! Went fishing and caught some fish too at our lake!!! Its what I wanted and needed~ Cheers pops.


What happened to the veggies we planted?
Was everything smooth till the point of harvest?
Was there even a harvest to eat?

Stay Tuned for Part II. - The end result of harvesting... You Reap What You Sow a bit too much. 🤣

Here is a sneek peak....


Thanks for checking out my posts! I really appreciate it and I am constantly thinking of new ideas and discoveries in my daily life what can inspire our community on Hive and if you like what you see let me know. So I can create more of it. :)

Set Da Tone!!!~


This is mouth watering post, judging from this post I can say boldly I see three things, the love and respect for your wife, the joy of you allowing your son spend time with his grandparents and also you as a dutiful son who wants to have a taste of his younger days once again and also enjoy the moment for another year..

You actually made your wife and son see that living with in laws are not always bad and I can see how happy you are to be back home and how much your parents are to have their son, grandson and daughter in law in their house for a year.
They were indeed happy to host you guys..

I can see how hardworking and determined your dad is, from him telling you to burn those weeds making up his mind to start a backyard farm land, he is actually determined, even when you thought you were going to hire some Men to do the labour works, the word "we " was going to make you be in awe and as your father you have to respect..

At first it seems like a complex job which it is and you later adapted to it after seeing the future of what your dad started, you son was happy to be around the process too, you had a lot of sweat but you utilized every opportunity you spent with your dad with many moral lessons...

Your dad is indeed a man of vigor, I wonder how energetic he was in his youthful days, welldone sir, this post was really beautiful and I really see how you enjoyed mummy's food during the Cold time, mother's knows the best and that is lovely...

And now you can see the result both yours and father's hardwork including your son...

This was beautiful ❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰...

Hey Quduss1, thanks for such a wonderful comment. The three things you have observed is absolutely correct. As time passes by the love and respect I have for my wife only gets deeper and I have to say I am extremely lucky to be with her together. Lucky is not even the right word~ hahahaha.

I did feel like a high school kid during the first few months. Heck I even acted like one too. My mom said something interesting... she said even we are all older grown into full adults. To a mothers eye we are still thier babies. That I can understand a bit because we have 2 kids and as they grow I still want them to be the cute babies we raised.

My dad was definitely hard working.... sometimes a bit tooooo much when it doesnt need. He would have been a great asset if he worked for the government I bet. hahahahha. and yes there is an element of respect I have to give him~ cause if I dont he will probably kick my ass!! :) But yea we have to give em respect dad earned. I did hear from mom when I asked what was dad like she said she heard from other family members when he was in high school he was pretty good at fighting. and the fights he picked usually was for his friends who got bullied around, he had a thing about justice and being morally always stand up for what you believe. He often picked fights to prove his point. I was like.... dad????? really??? lolz.

One year did pass by so quick. I have pictures from my phone and it seems like yesterday.

ohhhhh wow, i have been wondering whats keeping me awake lolz, i guess your comment was what was keeping me awake hhehe, yeah your parents are indeed wonderful, and again marriage is beautiful when you are with the wright person and there is understanding and love between you both and now that you have two champions, it just makes you more lucky and happy..

i love people whho stands for justice and i guess yu were suprised to learn that your dad was a fighter in his younger days ehehehe..
you are indeed a lucky man, your wife is also indeed lucky so as your kids, this post was just amazing @whangster79..

cheers sir..
i need to review my days work before hitting my sleep botton hehehe

hahahaha~ thanks a bunch for your comments. I appreciate your enthusiasm. and I you are right it does make me happy in ways I can't understand but at the same time there is always work to do to make it better. neverending work with the family keeps me busy and busy is a good thing. :)

Dad for sure is a justice kinda dad and I swear even the IRS will love that guy because he reports everything to the last penny. :) Good ol dad.


heheheehhe lolz, you are indeed blessed sir, you need to be happy and that is also blessing, i really appreciate your post about it, it deserve lots of love, i look forward to your posts, i dont mind the length i am gonna read hehehehe...

this one just made me happy lolx, every passage carries a beautiful sentiments of love and bond between family and parents... well done @whangster79... stay happy sir

Wowww, woww,woww
This is a beautiful post full of value😍❤️.

The first part that caught my attention is the part you explained how your wife and your son lived with your family for one year when you are away. Indeed, you made them see the good side of living with the inlaws, not all inlaws are bad, some are so nice and welcoming just like my in-laws. The number of times I have stayed with my husband family with my kids was only beautiful moments. I had never had any issue to worry about but only lovely moment. Glad you met your wife and son happy with your parents 🤞👍😊

Back to the garden....I love this so much. I am a type that value growing my own veggies just like my grandma thought me. I must commend your Dad, he is energetic and amazing, the weed burning, the farm land at the backyard speaks alot of positivity about him towards the backyard farming. Your son too was available to witness the process...that's a win win for you both learning alot under your Dad.
This Vegetable garden is so nice and I hope to read the part 2 from you soon🤞👍😎

Thanks for sharing this beautiful ❤️😍 piece with us 👍

Thank you for you kind comments. Its a story that will be with me probably till my death. hehehehe. mostly because I have been wanting to live with them just for a while. But as we all know.... time went so fast. I can't believe its been over a year already since that time I was with my parents. Now I am separated again due to work related events.

My family joining me with my mom and dad was a great experience for both my wife and son. Till this day my son wants to go back to my parents place because of all the cool stuff we did but cant do here in Taiwan. hehehe

My dad is always the same dad, he just got old. but his personality still remains exactly the same. Always challenging me all the way even to my 40's. And for dad, once he starts something he keeps on going till its finished. and for gardening sometimes I wish he can take breaks but he just keeps on going. jeeeeeez so I have to go help him when I am in fhe middle of something. In the end the speed paid off well by also getting healthy harvest in a quick time too.

I will post the 2nd part by next week. so stay tuned!!! thanks.

Awwwwwn, I understand you; but I assure you that everything will take shape with time.
My regards to your family.

Expecting the second part next week 👍👏

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Do you see something like this? or is it different? If its the same I would ask Ecency discord group. :) I am also trying to understand how I got myself into your notifications. hahahaha.

Nope it wasn't that. I cannot tell you any more exactly how it was, but it was something like "Whangster79 wrote a post". I've seen this once in my notifications and after that not any more again... !CTP

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It definitely should~ cause the place where it gets me really busy is the new community created called WorkLife. Other than that it should not give you any notifications since my dad's garden was the last post from my account. I am so curious what you are receiving.. screenshot it to me if you can. Thanks.
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Lovely spot from what i can see , big garden also , i guess there must have been enough wildlife near the pond.

you could have saved your selfe a lot of work with " No diging gardening" ;)

I should have known you back in 2020. Unfortunately I had no idea what Hive was at that time before @solominer introduced me to it.

It would have solved a lot of energy. buy does it work well?? Should tell my dad.... "seeeee!!!! we coulda, woulda, shoulda!" hehehehe

Sounds like great three generation bonding time there, something that money can never buy.

And your last image, absolutely wtf!!!

Yup~ what money cannot buy I just jump in with no thought. hahahaha. and it sure was worth it.

The last picture is what happens when you know you dont need to goto work so dont care what I wear and go fishing. I am pretty sure some folks probably thoughy I was a bum. But who cares when your fishin!!!! hhehehehe

That is awesome. I am hoping to have a lot of land one day and have a garden on it. I am hoping to become less reliant on getting food from the store and would rather grow my own.

Hey chingoo bro~ The way I see you eat is that your such a healthy eater something like this will fit perfectly with your lifestyle.

But keep in mind these are photos which captures the fun stuff, in reality it was a shit ton of work. and I will blog it in the next but another part of the story is... when you plant way too much. Those become problems too~ I think the art is finding the balance of it all.

I just wish my old pop's can grow some OG Kush like that for me. lolz!!!~~~ hahahaha.

We are hoping that in a couple years we will be able to just travel the world for a year or two and then buy a bunch of land and creat a garden or mini farm on it. It will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it to not be putting so much junk in our bodies from shitty quality food from the grocery stores.

putting shitty foods in our bodies is right. We gotta figure a way to fix that shit some how. Yea I know what you mean by that. I for one!!

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Ultra thanks Qurator buddy~~!

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 2 months ago  

Oh what an amazing spot. Good luck.
those photos are awesome as well. I like seing big shots of the whole garden not just a leaf here and there... lol.

some of those plants i have never heard of!!!

best of luck

Thanks ~ The big shots was kind of intensional causw there was nothing to shoot close up at the time. dirt? lolz. :)
Second Post Blog part II will have some close ups~ and biiig shots too~ good to know.

 2 months ago  

close ups are awesome... but i love seeing where they come from :-)
your land is so beautiful so show it off :-)

Dude, you really prepared a great post again. I can see all the hard work and sweat you put in there, and I think you got more than enough for your efforts. That thing is the biggest lettuce I've ever seen. Could it be a species like queen lettuce? hahahaha.

Set Da Tone!

Set daaaa tone and Gimmi dat!!! Just jokin~ aaam jokinnnn~ lolz. For the post I always think to myself if we are leaving a message that is not able to erase because of decentralization. Hmmmm not able to erase or delete...... then I better write up a pretty good post in case any of my kids or who knows will look at my post and be like - "Dat guy there is a dum F**k."

Yeaaa... I dont think I want dat. Dont gimmi dat. :)

The lettuce yea man.... even for me that was the largeest letuce I have ever seen in my life. It just kept on growing to the point we were getting worried. lolz

Set da tone!!!!

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Thanks!!! I appreciate that Indiaunited!!!

Ohh that salad is huge! The garden looks beautiful and happy, this I know took a lot of work!

Thanks! Yes it was a happy moment when we finished the work. It made fishing a lot more enjoyable. :) Glad you know it really was a lot of work. I never looked at another garden the same and I appreciate the people who put the work into it. Thanks

Oh and yea!~ that salad hehehe it was worrying at first because it just kept on growing and growing non stop. We had to pull it out cause dad was mentioning the older it gets the taste does not get better. The opposite~ so we pulled it out just in time.

I'm always happy to see people working on the garden, self sufficiency is the best gift we can give to the nature.

I like to go and live with my father for 1 WEEK !LOL in the holidays... But one year, that sounds like a challenge...

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I missed this but I'm going to comment tomorrow.

A bit late, but I'm here. So, one thing I've learnt in life is that you have to live with your conscience for the rest of your life. You can't get rid of it and this is why you have to do things you are ok with for the rest of your life, at the right time. Having regrets later is the worst thing.

Going to live with your parents for one year at that age was the best gift you could give them. Trust me. Building the garden was again the best decision and your dad knew what he was doing. The memories are for life and your son will remember that experience for the rest of his life. 3 generations working together.

My dad has a garden, so I know what it means to set up one, although we do it a bit differently as that land has always been for gardening and we prepare it in October, November, after harvesting. About the muscle pain ... 😂 ... you can feel the muscles you had no idea exist after a couple of days or gardening.

I'm heading to my dad's in the weekend, so ... I can start feeling sorry for myself 🤣


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This is incredible! So much space! And a whole dang river! Wow!

I will be plotting along in my back garden. Gonna make it green as I can hehe.