Sanctuary in the woods

in Draw A Daylast month


Hey everyone! Today I'm excited to share my take on the Doodle Magic challenge! The prompt was a mysterious green shape, and as you can see, I took it on a journey to become a cozy little house nestled in the woods.

The shape itself sparked an image of a simple roofline, so I built upon that foundation. I loved the idea of transforming something abstract into a familiar and comforting scene. The house became a symbol of security and peace, a place to escape the everyday.

I added some classic forest elements - tall trees and a hint of grass - to create a sense of serenity. For me, this doodle is a reminder that magic can be found in the unexpected, and with a little imagination, even a squiggle can blossom into a haven. ✨

What do you see in the original shape? Let me know in the comments and share your own Doodle Magic creations. Below is the reference shape if you want to give it a try