Aussie Medical Freedom Rally Tomorrow! TELEGRAM POST UPDATE #1 - West Aussie Rights Network

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Heya peeps,

I'm going to repost all things shared on the Telegram channel ( every once in a while to keep things syncronised and backed up on the blockchain.

By the way, welcome to WARN - a place where you can still get through to others in an organic network that is unaffected by Cancel Culture!

First of all there is a MASSIVE


Happening in Scarborough @ 12pm, Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th of February, 2021


Find the invite here:

So get out there! Make some placards and make some networks! I'll be there with bells and whistles. The above picture is one side of my large placard.

Put your slogan and placard ideas in the comments or on the Telegram channel!

Bring your camera, do a live stream! We have to be our own media!

Next post on Telegram:

The clear and concise 'New Normal' doco by was shared -

Next post on Telegram:

This image was shared, I'm pretty sure the 'war crimes' thing is a legal thing - but someone could adapt it a bit print out a bunch and hand them out at the rally (wearing a theatrical nurses outfit? lol - with rubber gloves?? haha):


Next post on Telegram:

On September 26,2020 I published an open letter to the Prime Minister in response to a letter I received back from sending a letter to him - it goes into some detail regarding the covid histeria and the vaccine scam the West Australian people need to stand up against!

That letter that was sent back to me had the words 'strongly encouraged' in it:


Next post on Telegram:

How far will 'strongly encourage' be taken in Australia? Get an idea of how the fear protocol is causing people to fall inline with a mandatory vaccination program even in countries that claim to be free like Australia. How far will West Aussies allow this to go?

Great video by @pressfortruth!

Stay safe and sane people... and stay connected!

In Love,


Statement of Mission: Western Australian Rights Network is not affiliated with any political party it is a network of genuinely concerned individuals. We are shocked at the waning rights of Western Australians. This affects ALL people that live here from ALL walks of life. WARN is a place to share and discuss issues that affect our rights. Thank you!

Cheers to @aagabriel for getting involved! Let's find more West Aussies to make this network flourish!

ps. Here's the opposite side of my placard! hehe



Good stuff.

I know you're in Queensland but feel free to join the group on telegram anyway... A lot of the Australian stuff is national and we can learn from each other.

Very good unfortunately I don't have telegram I can't get it to work.

No problem... stand in any way you can. Sending love, Monty.

Thanks mate and same to you.

Hope all went well I'm in the US looks like you guys have a bit of gov control with covid going on

It's different in every state. The rally went great, media reported hundreds at each city, but there were thousands. See for more info

This is all such a joke, I still can't get my head round the amount of people going along with this. Glad to see that there are people everywhere using their voices. Hope it went well, looking forward to your feedback xxx

Indeed it is a joke. But what to do? We do what we can. Glad to stand with you on the side of sanity.

Yes indeed, we got to keep living and do what we love must, glad to be on this journey with you too my friend xxx

Hey dude, i missed this. How was it??

Have a look on the WARN telegram channel