found a swarm of mushrooms while I was harvesting oil palm fruit.


hello everyone, how are you,,,, on this occasion I will share a story about a crowd of mushrooms that grow scattered under oil palm trees or in oil palm plantation areas, on that day I had a schedule to harvest oil palm fruit, of course the job of harvesting oil palm is the main job in my daily life,,,

harvesting oil palm fruit I keep doing it, there are so many mushrooms growing there I have stepped on the mushroom, but at that time I have not found the crowd,

when I arrived at the corner of the garden, at that time I did not see the mushrooms under my feet, because my eyes were fixed on the ripe palm fruit, of course, which can be harvested, suddenly my friend said, under your feet there are many Don't step on the mushrooms that grow, don't you step on them, then I realize that scattered mushrooms grow on the ground,

at that time I was really very tired, because I was harvesting oil palm fruit, but even so I was very happy and felt happy because I found a crowd of mushrooms,

when I took the picture of the mushroom in my heart I asked whether this mushroom can be consumed or not, because this mushroom has a chewy and soft shape, when I touched it it immediately fell and quickly torn,

and that one is the tool I use to harvest oil palm fruit, here we call it dodos,

at that time I was really curious about this one mushroom,, I asked my friend if this mushroom could be consumed, he couldn't answer because this was the first time I saw him he said, I also said that means we are the same as me too see it,

at that time I immediately did my job, namely harvesting oil palm fruit until it was finished, so that the garden owner did not want to scold me, because if I played too long of course the garden owner would feel annoyed too..

as soon as I finished harvesting the oil palm fruit, I immediately went again and pulled out some of the mushrooms and I took them home, to find out whether this type of mushroom can be consumed....

because the work was finished, I immediately rushed home and brought some mushrooms for me to take home to find out information about the mushrooms, so that my curiosity was not buried,

when i got home i asked my wife if the mushroom that i brought home can be consumed, my wife also didn't know it, And she said that we don't know the type of mushroom so we should never try to eat it, if we eat it who knows the mushroom contains poisonous substance,, I think there is a point too, because I am still curious about the mushroom, in the end I brought the mushroom to my father-in-law and asked him,,

I said mother ..... is the mushroom that I brought can be eaten,,
my mother-in-law replied,, where did you find the mushroom, I asked again if this mushroom could be eaten,, my mother replied with the same thing where did you find the picture,, in the end I relented, and I answered the mushroom I found in the oil palm plantation when I harvested it,

my mother-in-law said again,, the mushrooms are very delicious and taste and can be eaten by us humans,, then I was astonished, a large mushroom mass I had wasted, because I did not know it at that time,,

because the oil palm plantation where the mushrooms grow is not too far from my house, I took a two-wheeled carriage and went straight back to the original place, and I wanted to take the mushrooms because the mushrooms could be consumed as my mother-in-law said.

when I arrived at the oil palm plantation, it turned out that the mushroom was no longer there, apparently it had been taken by the garden owner, because the garden owner was still there at that time, I thought I was really careless, even though I could I asked him at that time when I found the mushroom, is it okay to make luck not yet in my hands,, I finally gave up and I went home feeling weak,,

that's my story for now next time we will meet again...

 2 months ago  

You need to be very careful, some of the mushrooms can be posionous.

 2 months ago  

yes that's very true,,, I have to be careful in the type of mushrooms,, because there are mushrooms that contain toxic substances...

That mushroom looks like it's not edible. We also eat mushrooms but I never tried that one..

 2 months ago  

At first, I was also hesitant and didn't know what kind of mushroom it was, whether it was edible or not.but after I learned the information from my in-laws, the mushroom was very tasty and could be consumed by us humans. thanks a lot for the comments..

These are good quality food found at your backyard. You’re blessed my friend. Wish you a happy life and to your family as well 🙏

 2 months ago  

Thank you very much my friend for stopping by, hopefully healthy always buddy

You’re welcome ☺️

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