Hive blog 56: PRAY, HOPE and DO NOT WORRY!

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Hi hivers friends.
Here I am back to share the message of St. Pio of Petrielcina.

Pray, hope and do not worry.
Worry is useless.
God is merciful.
He will hear your prayer.


The message is right there, but without faith, those words may so are simply without power over to transform our thinking and action. As I always see the message, and I am trying to live through it day by day. But, truly in my heart, I have this couple of thoughts that juggles in my mind. I want to acknowledge those twins feelings I have, so would you hear me out?

Negative. Not good. Cross. Never mind.

Pray. Does my prayers really reach to the heavens and God hear me? And why still I am doubting that? I have no faith at all. How do people do that? Yes, I go to church every Sunday, as much as possible, but I do believe that all goes in vain, everything. Pray. I believe I do pray, but it feels like it is not enough. My prayers are not enough. I will never be enough. It all goes back to doubt and as of the moment nothing really helps. Maybe I haven’t learn enough. I want to know the secrets of how people do that. Truly, my faith is still a baby that never learns to walk. Condemn me for doubting but it is what I feel right now.

Hope. I am done with hoping. Is it bad to stop hoping and surrendering everything? I must live in reality. See and feel what is happening inside of me and everything around. I feel like my hopes are staggering me from accepting whats here right before my eyes. I do hope, but it becomes a dream. I am awake now, that hope without faith is nothing. Hope is like believing to something that it may happen, but possibly not. So why hope and just do it.

Do not worry. I couldn’t stop it. It really is not possible for me to not worry. Those words are only telling. To a person with worries, does telling them do not worry help them? No, it is easy for it to be said than done. Sorry, but worrying doesn’t help but telling me to be not worried doesn’t help either.

Positive. Does Matter. Check. Heavier

Pray. Yes, my only allies in everything that I do. I am aware that even waking up in the morning is something to pray about. Prayers are everything. Its about all of you being open to everything there is in your heart. It is where you find the safest place that is not found everywhere. You can tell everything. Of course, to be thankful for all the graces that you see, and even acknowledging the unnoticeable graces that you failed to see. Even when you are in the crowded and loudest place, you can pray. You are heard. Yes ,you are. Faith is the secret. In times when it feels like I am drowned to the bottom, prayer is all I have, so I pray. Even in the happiest days of life, I pray the hardest.

Hope. What more could I do than hoping for the things I am wanting to be and to have. Everything is grace and holding on to what you believe in can help you go on every single day. Asking is not wrong. It is humbling for us to hope for whatever we wanted. It goes down to faith. Hoping and walking in towards it maybe the fastest you can be in fulfilling your hopes.

‘Do not worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful. He will hear your prayer. ‘

The most encouraging words that need to be felt deep down in my heart so I wouldn’t be defeated with the negative thoughts that comes from evil. My mind has to be assured that I have a bigger God. So much bigger than any problem there is. Gods mercy is the deepest that I couldn’t even fathom to understand. No matter how many times I stumble and fall, there He is waiting for me to come and humbly lay down everything even the dirtiest side of me.
Thank you Jesus, for the cross, for your wounds, specially the shoulder wounds that carried my sins.


I always choose the positive side of thinking because it’s the only way to go on. I choose life because this is the grace that I am gifted with.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I pray and hope for that the typhoon Karding is not that bad in your area, writing this in the middle of the night while the rain and wind howls. I couldn’t sleep but here, I am sleepy after all this rumbling. Have a good night.

Images are mine taken with Vivo1901


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