BUBUR KAMPIUN for break my first day of fasting

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Hello everyone!
It's been a while since I last posted in this community. How are you all? I hope everyone is in good health. Today is the first day of Ramadan which is the holy month for Muslims. Which means this is the first day for us Muslims to fulfill the obligation of fasting. Thankfully this first day I was able to get through it well. But there are still 29 days left, hopefully I can live it without any problems.

In Indonesia, we have a habit of preparing food for breaking the fast called takjil. This takjil consists of various snacks and deserts. We used to cook it ourselves or buy it outside. Usually during the fasting month like today, there are many impromptu sellers on the streets. They started selling when it was almost time to break their fast.

This afternoon my sister and I went out to buy takjil. At first we were confused about what to buy, but in the end we bought food that looked familiar to us because it was similar to the desert we often eat but actually it was different. The name of this food is Kampiun Porridge and comes from Minangkabau. This porridge consists of several mixtures such as white and black sticky rice porridge, bananas, sweet potato balls and others. This is really the first time for me to try this porridge. It's not as sweet as I thought. But to be honest I didn't really like the taste because it was too much mix. But it all comes back to personal taste.




Even though I don't like this, I'm not saying it's not good. If you are curious about the taste, you can try it yourself. This is just my honest review, I hope no one is hurt by my words. If anyone was offended by my words above, I'm really sorry. I really didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! Please look forward to the next post! See you and have a nice day.


Devy Swan

Devy Swan is a girl with a lot of dreams and imagination.She likes cooking, singing and traveling. Recently, in the last two years to be exact, she started learning to write. Although her writing is still not very good, but she has a hope that one day she will have her own book.

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 3 months ago  
Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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My pleasure 😊

 3 months ago  

selamat bulan ramadam and selamat buka puasa kak.

Terima kasih... kirain aku kamu bukan orang indonesia

 3 months ago  

Sama same. bukan orang indonesia kak 😁😁

Tapi bisa bahasa indonesia

Oh waaw, I always want to try bubur kampiun. When I was in Bandung, West Java, I found one bubur kampiun stall near my home. But never had a chance to try that.

Then, you have to try it!

 3 months ago  

Hampir mirip kolak ya...😁😁😁

Iya mirip kolak

 3 months ago  

it looks delicious😋

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