Atmosphere in the Morning

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Good news friends in parts of the World. The morning is a new day to start activities both in side and outside the home.


The morning in a small town may be the same as another City,the atmosphere at the intersection in the middle there is a round shape, an icon to complete a sight that is pleasing to the eye.

Early mornings people are still a little out of the hous because the weather was raining last nigh, only a few cars and motorbiker can be seen at the cross roads.


It rained last night, so the road looks still wet, of course the air is still cold. But a good moment is not way it I take pictures of the atmosphere at a crossroad in a City of Sukabumi ,West Java, Indonesia is small town.

With cool air and in the morning there are not many activities carried out.


The object of the photo in the morning at the intersection of the road looks a combination of still wet road with several vehicles passing by a good view. Thank you.

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Thank you of your attention,

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Most Cambodian towns also have a roundabout somewhere near the center of town where several major roads can intersect. This one looks a lot nicer and well-managed than anything in Cambodia though.

 2 months ago 

Yes, all roads have a detour when I want to Cambodia in the City center. But the what distinguishes is cleanliness, and order, each country has a differrnt concept, thank you very much.