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In partial fulfillment in our subject, Technopreneurship, we are divided into group and tasked to create something unique that we can provide to the market while achieving any of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Our group, Finest Ecogen have thoughts a lot on the possible topics. These are the topics that we had in our mind.


As you can see, our first choice was creating an app that the people can use so that they can exchange their items with other items. Fast fashion and all are all over the place. Instead of purchasing and purchasing products, why not just exchange your obsolete items to the obsolete items of other people. Maybe in that way, we can reduce generation of waste while increasing the trend for reusable items. The sad thing about it, we have that great vision but, we don't have the skills to do so. We envision to make that app like shopping platforms such shoppe and lazada where the medium of exchange is the actual item. As a Sanitary Engineering student, we lack on the skills of creating an application and we don't have much time because believe me, this semester is a full pack (I'm stress).

Going back, we decided to pursue on creating a tote bag made of tarpaulin because it's campaign period. Tarpaulins of the candidates are all over the place. I saw tarpaulins wherever I go. Then, after the election, all that will be left are tarpaulin waste.

In line with SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, we Finest Ecogen, have thought a way to make that tarpaulins be reusable in a longer period of time. Well, we kinda love bags and we use it everyday, so why not make it . We gathered all the materials and make it happened.

Sorry if I will not state and show every steps that we did.



We had hardtimes in completing this bag so I hope you like it! Here it is☺️









The catch is, it is a reversible bag! You can use it in other way around. Inside has a cotton fabric while the outside is tarpaulin. If you were thinking of doing some wet market haul, you can reverse the bag so that the inside is made of tarpaulin(it means, it is easier to clean and is waterproof!).

It did satisfied us cause we think that it is a beautiful bag. It doesn't look like a bag made of tarpaulin. Well, I'm kinda proud.

Please do comments so I will know you insights. Thank you!

(All of the photos was captured using Redmi Note 9)
Keep safe!😉💞



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:) Nice job! Those bags look very nice! I remember how this one lady made a similar bag out of used juice pouches..


:P it was cool tho

Oh cool! Thank you☺️

Really wanted to learn how to sew. These tote bags were amazing. 🧡🧡🧡

You should learn!🤗 It's very convenient especially when you have to repair some of your clothes 😂. And it is very satisfying to do💖.

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I can't believe that's handmade, it looks so professional! Im into sewing latelyyy and found your lovely blog!

Aww thank you, appreciate it!☺️

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