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~original photo by @imam-samudra 2022~


good night my friends, meet me again @imam-samudra in this beloved @aseanhivecommunity. thank you very much to all friends who have given me free time and time in order to just want a little information on this beloved hive. OK, on this occasion I want to share information with the theme of empowering rural communities, especially in the village of Teungoh Sawang.

it fell on Friday, July 8, 2022, the aid in the form of goats arrived yesterday, with a total of 53 heads which were sent directly from the central office. This aid was sent to a group which 2 years later asked for it and thankfully on Friday it was sent legally. we as the people of the village of gampong teungoh immediately welcomed him yesterday with an open heart because our fellow humans must respect each other.

This assistance is a form of effort so that rural communities can develop an economy as well as to make animal husbandry stronger. In this case, I as the companion of the goat group came, we were happy to welcome a group of them. In this case, the officials immediately went down to the field at the same time seeing the condition of the goat pens that would be lowered and how many people were working in raising the goats.

after the goats were unloaded we took our picture as their document material. we were photographed with 3 goats, one person holding it including me, which was photographed as their document. they want us to really look after and take good care of them so that the goats harvest quickly and are healthy when they are reared.

~original photo by @imam-samudra 2022~

~original photo by @imam-samudra 2022~

~original photo by @imam-samudra 2022~

~original photo by @imam-samudra 2022~

~original photo by @imam-samudra 2022~

~original photo by @imam-samudra 2022~

~original photo by @imam-samudra 2022~

~original photo by @imam-samudra 2022~

~original photo by @imam-samudra 2022~


That's all I can say tonight where there are mistakes and awkwardness in the words or taste that I share, please forgive me because there is much more to learn in the procedure for writing words or pictures


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