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Good evening, how are you, friends, I hope you have a beautiful day, thank you to all of you who have given me free time and time to share on this beloved blog. on this occasion I will share about the beauty of the ocean and relaxing in the morning drinking coffee on the sea beach.

there is nothing more joyful and joyful than having a coffee and catching a glimpse of the beautiful scenery. this is the best moment for me last month with my friends. This moment is very hard to forget because this is the most beautiful thing for me. a lot of style and bergiul on the sea coast just because they want to see a beauty in the ocean especially with the coffee provided beside the beach the more enjoyable again in relaxing.

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one of the most delicious warkop coffi stalls which is located beside the sea and besides that it also provides delicious and delicious food but only one thing that is lacking for me is that it feels less safe because there are certain things that make me less safe whether the situation is not possible somehow the view is not right for me. this is the thing that makes me blush for the pleasure. Photo courtesy of @imam-samudra which was uploaded on 3 July 2022 at 02:07 with the title the beauty of the beach and the enjoyment of delicious and delicious sager coffee.

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That's all I can say tonight where there are mistakes and awkwardness in the words or taste that I share, please forgive me because there is much more to learn in the procedure for writing words or pictures


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thank you and wassalam....

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