The Night Is Still Young

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The clouds draped the entire city this whole month with a few short sunny days.

Almost the entire December has rain, and not to mention the super cold weather but without it won't be the same. With cold sweater nights everyone is out in the city but what would the holidays be without people to celebrate it with.


We went to buy grocery early one morning prior to Christmas Eve and at 4:45 am, the sun just went out and the cold seeps to the bone but it doesn't matter anyway because the grocery was for Christmas and for the get together with my relatives.



My Uncle & Aunty from Norway invited us last Christmas Eve. I kinda lost my introverted side, must be the chocolates that made it😏.

It was weird how that Christmas Eve went--I never should have tried vodka.

Our Christmas Eve dinner in the house was moved to the next day, on Christmas day and this time it was for my parents.

It is weird how the year ends. The night is so much alive like people who once were busy had more time this month, more busy setting the tables and the atmosphere like who cares if we sleep in the morning because we will be awake all night long.

We walk around the village this night with our cousins, just like before when the year is about to end, it will be with them towards our old hangout to the woods. We talked about the other worldly creatures on the way to the hill like the sigbin (werewolf like) and fairies when I know if someone would see one, we would run and I would be the slowest runner.


I thought there are a lot of things I could write this late December but only a few about the holidays.

Tomorrow is the New Year's Eve and we'll sing our hearts out with videoke, we'll cook sticky rice to welcome the year (the tradition), I'll bake brownies again and make a dessert tower more different from the fruit tower last Christmas.

And this time, there would be no vodka.

🍻 Happy New Year Everyone 🍻


@janesuiren is an introverted night owl who enjoys coffee a lot. An otaku and a foodie, she also lives inside the stories she dreams to publish one day. You can catch her admiring her rainy and picturesque hometown in Western Leyte, Philippines.

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Naa koy ma remember sa word nga "sigbin". One of my former colleagues shared to me that her family has "sigbin" and that time ana kos akong mind mao guro she looks like a witch and I don't like her when she gets closer to me kay lain gyud iyang smell and after few days nagresign ko 🤣, funny, right?

Tinuod kaha nang sigbin?

Ngano kaha mi angkon xa😆😆 para nako bitaw kay tinuod xa pero murag engkanto lang gamay, kanang demon nga pet siguro sa mga witch. Lain sad bitaw makig friends ug mga witch kay na.a koy friend nga nasapian tungod nila.😐

Murag naay minus 1 iyang utok kay naa syay history nga nagtake sya ug drugs, nya ni share sya nga usahay daw tong bata pa sya kay sugoon sya sa iyang lolo palawg sa mga sigbin nya lain daw kaau ug tingog kay alingisi, sila dawng tanan kay naanay mga sigbin, i mean iyang whole family, lain diay na sila sa kay if naa daw bag ong anak part sa fam kay naana daw sad kay imuhang share nga binuhi

Pero ambot ba kung tinuod ba gyud pero mura gyud sya witch uy.

Ana akong friend nga gi share ran nako about sigbin "anaa sya nga magselfie with sigbin para masikat sya" 🤣🤣🤣

Naabot jud tag sigbin ani😆😆 gamay ra jd ako ani pero and karaan nga tawag sa iro kay sigbin man daw.
Basig weirdo jud mag pet ug iro sauna pero ang original nga sigbin kay alaga jud d.i nila🤣🤣 pangpa rich siguro

Naabot jud tag sigbin ani


Yay! 🤗
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