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RE: The never ending construction noise of Da Nang is frustrating

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The growth never stops in Southeast Asia, but Vietnam is certainly booming more than most. It all comes down to money, and I often will choose a $45 rental room over a $60 one, often with great consequences, which are often construction noises. I guess it comes with living in such a fast growing place that has no previous outdated failing infrastructure to replace.

 2 months ago 

You are not wrong about any of what you just said there. When I am looking for a place to live I will always look more at the surrounding area than I do at the actual condo / house I am contemplating moving into because that seems to be a difficult thing to accomplish these days. The alarming thing to me is that new builds keep going up despite the fact that the existing ones don't have anywhere near full occupancy right now. This was true pre-Covid as well and I guess people are just planning on never-ending growth.

 2 months ago 

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