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RE: 📷 My Lovely Old Pictures 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Ecuador & Cambodia

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I think you and your family really miss Cambodia maybe one day you can all go back there but for now it's nice to be with family and enjoy and learn the best way you can and you are doing so well at that i am very proud of you in what you do here on Hive 👍

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We do miss Cambodia. It is hard to get a visa for someone like my dad. He need to check if he have Covid-19. Thank you so much. I hope Annabella be a good girl. She is so cute. Here is some thing for you and Annabella !ENGAGE 25

I do hope that soon everything will be ok again and your Dad can get a visa so you can all go back and visit your home country.

And thank you that is very sweet of you and i will give Annabella a hug for you next time i see her 💖

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