My Day And Fried Banana


The rainy season is a hard time for me because I depend on the weather when I do my small business. I do not have a food stall when it is raining, I can not sell my products.
I have turned off the refrigerator for a day because the weather is not good. My new products have not sold yet. I spend my day doing housework and making some food for my family. I spend a significant amount of time in front of my computer writing a post.In the morning, I always take my kids to school. After that, I usually write a post on Hive. This morning, I was busy making my products. I hope the weather is good tomorrow.

After I finished making my products to sell, I cooked some fried bananas. I want to enjoy the snack while I have a rest. At 1.00 P.M., the fried banana is done. Now, I can enjoy the banana with plain water. I had a cup of coffee this morning, so I preferred plain water in the afternoon.
Fried food from wheat flour and a little sugar is a simple dish that most Indonesians can make. There are many kinds of simple fried dishes made from wheat flour. They are fried tofu, tempe, bakwan, and fried banana. When more people are afraid of fat in their dishes, I do not think so. I do not care about the fat in the oil from fried food.
Fried banana is simple snack. You only need some wheat flour, with a little sugar and water. Then, you cut the bananas into the shape of coins. Mix the bananas and the wheat flour and fry the bananas in hot oil. Finally, you can enjoy the fried bananas with coffee, tea, or plain water.

Do you like to make some traditional snacks? What is the simplest snack you make?

 4 months ago  

In the midst of rainy conditions like this, fried bananas are indeed a very tasty solution for us to enjoy. Moreover, it looks very delicious. Thank you always kind.

 4 months ago  

That is true, warm fried bananas will give some comfort in the rain

 4 months ago  

Fried bananas always make me never bored with the taste, I often fry softer bananas because they are very delicious and sweet

 4 months ago  

Yes indeed, it is currently the rainy season for all parts of Indonesia and also Southeast Asia. It is the same in our area of ​​Aceh, it can be said that it rains almost every day. Hot fried bananas are a very delicious snack when served on a rainy day, especially when accompanied by a cup of hot coffee or tea, yummy 🤤

 4 months ago  

That is right, all areas in Indonesia almost rain everyday. Be careful to the flood but we pray that there will be no flood in our area.

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 4 months ago  

Of course it has a very good taste.

 4 months ago  

Thanks, pisang goreng ok

This so healthy and delicious😊😊😊

 4 months ago  

That is true, banana is a good source of nutrients


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