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RE: Ticking Off The Pre-Flight Checklist ✔️ COVID Test In Downtown Paramaribo 😷


Hi hi Justin... my post are also always on catch up mode. hahaha.. sometimes, I just take a while to write them out. Glad to know that they are on their way to Singapore and I guess will be reaching very soon. Then it's going to be your flight out of here.

That derelict house is pretty scary to look at especially at night. I wonder if there is anyone living inside or not? Monkey B has really cute cheeks... It's brave of her to take the test willingly. That is not something many kids would want to go through.. My niece ... when my wife did that to test her, screamed ... hahaha..

In the picture where they were walking down the street, the man at the back.. hahaha.. he wanted to be in the picture... Have a great day. Great trip to America..

 6 days ago  

They're home, and I'm flying later on tonight, trying to catch up on Hive stuff this morning. So many houses here look identical to the one in the photo, but yet the homeowner often has a $10,000 car, priorities a little different than mine I guess. In Cambodian provincial towns people would almost always choose a comfortable house and transport by bicycle. I do realize life in Suriname is impossible without a car, so I guess that's one of the reasons we're leaving, a car just isn't part of our lifestyle.

Monkey-B was braver than expected, but I suspect her hatred of living in Suriname easily overpowered her swab fears. Always got to watch out for photobombers 😁.

 6 days ago  

Hi hi Justin.. safe trip to the United States. Wow.. they would rather live in a house like that and have a nice car... Instead.. 😀😀😀
I think the Cambodian life is alot better. A house is pretty important.. it's the place we get lots of rest.. energy.. and our home..

Wahaha.. good to know that they are safe and sound in Cambodia.. time to get out of Suriname... 😀😀😀

I am not a 100 percent yet although I test negative already.. hahaha still recovering.. I can finally breath properly again. Just mustering my last energy... To write this comment before I head to sleep. Thank you... Very much..

 11 hours ago  

Good to know you've made it through, surely it sucked.

 6 hours ago  

It sucked but luckily things are great so far.. =)