Beautiful and Sublime Sunday - Hamad International Airport(Doha Qatar)

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It was May 19,2022, morning when I arrived the airport. I waited 16 for hours for my transit flight for Philippines. Instead of feeling bored, I enjoyed roaming around. I slept many times while sitting in the lobby of the airport.

I requested one to take a picture using my phone.

I took picture with my passport and plane ticket as a remembrance. The last time I had travel was via Oman.

It's a smile for you all whom I love. How I wished someone to be with me in my travel😊😊😊.

Learned a Lesson

I didn't want to sleep so I bought a cup of coffee in Star Buck inside the airport. I didnt get troley because I only have one pack bag so I left it on the chair.

It was too expensive but there was no choice, I need coffee that morning.


I leave my bag on the chair and I locked the belt on the armchair. I went to the starbuck to buy cover. When I turned back to my chair, I didn't find my pack bag.I started wondering how a theft do it infront of so many people. I asked a certain man, and a woman. They were both a salemam and saleslady near the place I sat down beside the elevator. It happened that they were Filipino too. They told me that all unattended belonging were being picked up by the security guard roaming around. I felt good after hearing those words.I was just happy that there was no penalty and they let me described my pack bag mad everything went alright.It was just a matter of 5 minutes and was collected.There were no.important things inside but still I felt nervous.

After knowing the protocol in the airport, the customer service let me checked it and ask me if I have internet in my pen. They also asked me if I was a Qatar Aiways passenger so I could avail the free internet while waiting my flight. They also told me a free meals and just present my ticket in a certain restaurant inside. I appreciated how they accommodated their transit passengers. I saw many athletes around from many countries. representatives. That was the time, there would be an international games held in Qatar. I didn't know the specific games.

When I knew that bag must be with me wherever I go, the guard gave me troley and I just pushed it around where I want to stay.

Roaming around until I saw stalls for gold. Most customers were white people from Western countries.


I didnt stop in my window shopping. It was better if I have friends with me roaming around with me.


I found luxurious sport car intended for a raffles draw.


The view of the ceiling and the how beautiful the design of their walls.

Expensives bags of different brand. They were all leather and elegant.

Expensives bags of different brand. They were all leather and elegant.




I stopped most of the time watching all kind of wines and cigarettes. I wanted to buy some for my father to taste imported wine but the salesman told me thataube the immigration in the Philippines will took it from me.

Until I checked in, I felt hungry again and I bought KFC burger but I gave it to a ham in the airport who was hungry and we were already called for the final calling on board the aircraft. I just drunk my soda drink and ran fastly. The girl said thank you and I knod and smile saying goodbye. She was not flying with in the same aircraft.

We started flying from.the airspace of Qatar at 6:30 in the eveving and arrived I'm the Philippines in the morning.

Foods served in Qatar Airway

They asked me what food I preferred to eat and I choose beef with potato and noodles. I asked coffee and later on I ordered wine for me to sleep well. I was tired and







I felt great when I am served with beautiful and handsome guys. At least I was being g served not the one who served. Just flattered and happened only when.I spend my vacation.

That's the end for today and more exciting and laughter stories upon my arrival in the NAIA, Terminal #3!

Thank you @ace108, @coff33a, @asean.hive and all who support me in my Hive journey!

Hive On!


 4 months ago  

I am amused to see the pictures that you share, especially the pictures of cars, I think I want to have them soon.

 4 months ago  

Hit your goal my friend. One day soon when hive goes up, we can have it🙏

 4 months ago  

Yeah, hopefully this will happen buddy.

 4 months ago  

They serve you very well, it seems if there is such a thing a trip will be memorable and not boring.

 4 months ago  

That is true and felt so good.

I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

 4 months ago  

kana mang heart na shades nagdala ug eksena diha Nay heheh im glad you got your bag back and you had a safe travel.

 4 months ago  

Hahahaha, yes safe kaayo

Wow, I saw that big bear on some Qatar airways advertisement.

 4 months ago  

Yes, I saw it too in some advertisement and in reality. Many people took pictures.

Good morning my friend.

 4 months ago  
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