Buying Some Clothes at UNIQLO

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UNIQLO is one of my favorite fashion store to buy clothes. As I live in Aceh, I must travel to Medan to visit UNIQLO. As long as I know there are two branches of UNIQLO in Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra Province in Indonesia. I have to drive for about seven hours from my house to reach the city. Pretty far, right?

Medan is the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. So, we could find anything in Medan. Some branded stores are there, but of course not that many as in Jakarta.


I usually visit UNIQLO at Sun Plaza. But sometimes I visit its branch at Deli Park Plaza as well. When I was there a few days ago, there was a festival of gratitute for their costumers in Indonesia. So, we could get some sales and discounts at that time. The theme of festival is ARIGATO INDONESIA which means “Thank You Indonesia”.


UNIQLO is a cusual wear brand from Japan. It was founded in March 1949 in Ube, Yamaguchi. And it has spreaded worldwide. They came to Indonesia and opened their first store in Jakarta at Lorte Shopping Avenue. Until now, they have already opened 46 stores in our country.Wikipedia. It is absolutely a giant business on clothing.


I like to wear UNIQLO as their products are comfortable to wear and their prices are afordable. They have really good prices for such quality products. Their products are not only made in Japan and Indonesia, but also in China, Vietnam, and other countries as well.

I was buying some clothes for myself, my wife and my kids. It was a nice day for shopping at UNIQLO of Sun Plaza as the mall is a throw stone from our hotel, Adimulia. We were just walking to get to the mall.

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Uniqlo has also been my favorite recently. This is where I buy my anime shirts..and the fabric of their clothes are cool and comfortable. :)

Yup. Uniqlo products are high in quality. What I like from Uniqlo is their price is not expensive for their quality clothes. :)

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I agree with that! :D

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I've never heard of this chain before, but there are a lot of Japanese secondhand stores in Cambodia, and the clothing is always very high quality, even if not made in Japan. I think Japan has very strict standards for their overseas textile factories, so even products made in Vietnam for the Japanese market seem to be of higher quality than Vietnamese textiles for the American market.

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Yeah, that’s very true. Japan has really strict standard for their products. When I was visiting Tokyo, I’ve seen many of their products there. They are very high quality and functional.

May be there is Uniqlo chain in Cambodia, in AEON mall may be? I have ever bought a cloth made in Cambodia at Uniqlo in Jakarta.

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