Attacked by Black Panther


I cant really sleep last night because i afraid to wake up late for morning job. Today i got job with @gideongys and we have set our meet up point at his house. I guess he also didnt sleep yet because he need to compile his video to be display today.

It was early in morning . It's still dark . I think it was around 5.30 am in our area. I start my car and drive it slowly to his house . The traffic is start to jammed because it was school days . I hate traffic jammed , i can become anger just because the jammed maybe i didnt work in office hours for long time .

I reach at @gideongys house around 6 am . I guess it still early so i take my nap while waiting him . It's not just a nap but a deep sleep , but i think its already okay because i already reach at my first destination , it ll be problem if i stuck in morning jammed thats why i drive earlier so i didnt become incredible hulk while driving.

But then suddenly i see a big black panther in my dream . It run toward me and i try to run as fast as i can . I try to climb the big tree then i realize it was a big mistake because the black panther is good climber . I jump and broke my leg . The black panther jump toward me . Its gonna be a good bye for everything , good bye earth , good bye life . But wait , its just a dream , i ll not die if i wake up . Im sorry black panther , until see you next time when im strong enough to fight you. You lose today .

I wake up ! OMG , the black panther is in front of me . I scream and try to fight my life but then i realise .. It just a small black panther .



Here it is , the black cat around @gideongys house . I guess the cat attracted to yellow dragon in my car that being made by my little brother using 3d printer .

Just look at his eyes didnt satisfied to me because he cant get the dragon.


I still sitting on my car trying to see what ll he do . But then he give up on the dragon and go up the car. Now, he just playing around , having a good morning. I go out and trying to be friendly with him . I guess he dont like me.




Then he just ignore me and sleep at the end of the car .




Come kitty , kitty cat ! Then he give up and start playing with me :p.



Ok , enough . OMG , he just too lazy to move .




Hoho , what a funny black panther . Well , thanks to the cat accompany me while waiting @gideongys . See you next time cat.


Ha, ha thanks for sharing this funny story. I guess your lack of sleep is the reason for your dreams. Luckily it is just a cat instead of a panther.

 2 years ago  

The mini black panther said : Hey human! Where's my food?


 2 years ago  

hohoho.. !LOLZ

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diva skit ini panther.

 2 years ago  

ahaha tu la bah.. haha. !PIZZA

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