Grocery Day For My Family

Me and my family are planning to go to the grocery store in our town. It's a small grocery store that is located near our town and it is along the high way. Today is grocery day and we went there because we need to refill our kitchen with food and also to buy stuffs for our daughter that is almost three years old.

We went there at almost noon because we do some chores before we will go to the shopping mall or to the grocery store. There are many ways to go there, you can either walk or ride a tricycle. We were riding a tricycle while going there because it is sunny and if it is sunny, it's literally hot and it feels like you are in the desert.

Anyway, we are here now in the grocery store and it seems like there were only a few people that are inside the store just like us that wants to grocery. We choose to pick the big when entering the grocery because our daughter likes to ride on this cart. She is really happy that she sits at the back of the cart.

There are some stuffs that we bought today and one of main reasons that we went here is for my daughter. Every fifteen days, we will go here to have a grocery and that's what I like the most because going to the grocery with my family is fun and somewhat exciting.

We went aisle to aisle and we pick first that we need then after that we also picked on what we want just like the chips, canned goods, biscuits, and other stuffs. So far, we were happy that we can pick what we want in the grocery store. I also picked what I want, too because if I am hungry, I can pick the food or chips on that hour to ease my hunger.

Then, I also saw lots of familiar faces because some of them are my school mate and some are a friend of my friends. While we are almost done and we went to the toy section, my daughter saw balls that she likes and I said to her that we cannot buy that because you have lots of toys in our house and after that she was crying and crying because she wants to get that toy balls.

Here I am, giving her what she wants and I can't really do anything because that's what she wants and I never thought that someone could make me like that but only my daughter maybe I really loved my daughter that I don't want her to cry.

While waiting in line to the counter, my daughter is happy carrying these toy balls and she doesn't want to release it from her fingers. Then it's our turn to punch in our grocery and of course we also need to punch in my daughter's toy, while giving it to the cashier, my daughter cried and she doesn't want to give the toy ball. We told my daughter that she will need to wait because the cashier needs to record that toy so that we can pay it.

The total for these groceries that we pick is almost 2,500php. It's a cheap price for the grocery but it's now expensive because of the inflation in our country. For that 2,500php, we can buy lots of foods and groceries back in the days.

In the end, she is really happy about her toy and when we got back home she opened the toys immediately because she wants to play and after a couple of minutes she was laying down on our bed while playing the toy balls and eating snacks then fall asleep.

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boss nagawa mo na ba ito? yung anak mo may gusto tapos nilagay mo sa cart tapos nung mgbabayad na inalis mo kasi nakalimutan na?

Hindi pa, kasi lagi niya dinadala yung mga gusto nya and hindi talaga niya ilagagay sa cart kasi gustong gusto nya.

I would love to try that idea, putting an item into the cart then getting it out when it is payment time.

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Isa sa mga secret tactics ng mga magulang. 😆 Hinaharangan ko din yung view ng anak ko pag dadaan kami sa toy kingdom

It’s satisfying to bring our kid at the groceries and to shop too, but somehow, I can’t handle the tantrum so I just leave her with mom at home. She’s just one year old but she puts everything in a cart even if she doesn’t know the uses of those products and she doesn’t love toys. She prefers the household items.


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