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Hello my loving Asean Hive community,

Welcome to my new post. How are all my friends? And is everything OK? I hope you are well and all is well. About a week ago, I told my friend about the yum yum noodle I made. Today I will tell you about another topic in my town. It is about my friend's wedding. Today I will tell you about the Burmese wedding that I helped at my friend's wedding.

Are weddings held at any time in the country you live in? Not so in the country I live in. As usual, you can have a wedding party at any time. Even so, the Burmese people define that weddings should not be held during the 3 months of Lent of Burmese. This is because some people believe that getting married during Lent is unlucky. A bit strange, isn't it? Those 3 months are Myanmar month names starting from Waso and ending with Thadingyut month. Thadingyut is in October and now Lent is over.

That's why there are so many weddings in Myanmar these days. This is also the case in the town where I live. This year, 2 of my friends got married. One had a wedding in Myitkyina. I couldn't go to that wedding because it was too far from where I live. Another one is my middle school friend. Her wedding was held last Sunday. She asked me to help her with her wedding, so I helped her and took some pictures. I have listed those pictures below.

Since the wedding will start at 9 o'clock, the bride's mother and sisters, including the bride, have been doing their make-up since 8 o'clock. I also went to the beauty salon where they apply makeup. The picture shown above was taken by me at that salon.

At the wedding party, the bride's sister and I took our place at the entrance of the party. In Myanmar, guests often bring gifts for the bride and groom at these wedding parties. The bride's sister and I were responsible for registering those things that day.

In what places is eugenia leaf commonly used in your area? Eugenia leaf is considered to be good luck by Burmese people, so it is used in many weddings and events. This eugenia leaf was also used at this wedding party. At the entrance of the wedding, you can see in the picture that the bride and groom's nieces and nephews took their place with silver bowls. In those silver bowls, eugenia leaves are placed to give to guests.

This wedding is very simple without decorations like other weddings. Even so, it's a lot of fun, and it's free of insignia. The wedding was also held by my friend only in front of her house, and only balloons were used as decoration. I like wedding parties that are not showy. How about you? Below are the pictures I took today.

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Congratulations both of you for marriage. Made for each others nice couple. Very nice you enjoy your friend marriage.

I gave up that it was you who got married but apparently it was your friend and I congratulated her on her new life.

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