🌱Planting new succulent plants in plastic pots🌱


Hello my loving Asean Hive community,

Welcome back to my new post. How are things going? What was the highlight of you day, so far? Is everything OK? I'm fine and I hope everything is fine. I haven't shared about paper crafts in a while. I think I'll share about it tomorrow. I will talk about that later. Normally, I come home only in the evening. Today I came home early in the afternoon so I planted some new plants with my father. Today, I will tell you about the plants I planted. Let's get started.

About 5 months ago, I told you about how I bought more than 10 succulent plants and started growing them. Although that was my first time growing succulent plants, I was able to grow them successfully. Now I have lots of small succulent plants. I bought succulent compost about 3 weeks ago because they also need to be grown with compost. I haven't been using that compost since I was busy the past few weeks. Today, I used that compost and planted the plants separately in pots.

Although I have lots of small succulent plants, I haven't bought any small pots yet, so I had to use another method for vases. Instead of small vases, I used some plastic bottles. I washed about 5 plastic bottles thoroughly with water first. About 3 inches from the bottom of those plastic bottles, my father cut them with scissors. After that, I washed all those vases again. In that way, I made small plastic flower pots to plant small succulent plants.

My father made small holes in the bottom of the pot so that the water could flow out of those plastic bottles. Normally, we use a heated iron when making holes in plastic containers. However, today my father used a nail and a hammer to make the holes. You can see that in the picture I show above.

My father and I first filled the compost into plastic flower pots. When I bought the compost, I also bought 2 small pots, so the day I planted the plants, I used 9 small pots, including the plastic ones. At first I thought I would only use one bag of compost to grow these plants, but I ended up using all 3 bags of compost I bought.

My father used to pick out small succulent plants that had just come out for me. I planted those succulent sprouts in small flower pots filled with compost. And my father also planted some succulent plants for me. My succulents sprouted so much that the 9 pots I used that day were not enough, nor was the compost enough. So I still need to buy some pots and compost bags to grow the remaining succulent plants.

Below I have shared some of my succulent photos I took that day.

That's it for today. I will tell you more about this when I plant my new succulents again. Thank you very much for reading my post till the end. See you tomorrow in a new post. Thank you.

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Wow really great my dear friend you use to waste of plastic for the planting small plant I like your idea

 7 months ago  

it's very creative. and i love that flower

 7 months ago  

Yes, those succulents are very cute in plastic vases. Thank you.

Good use of plastic bottles ☺️ Nice work done by you 🤗
Appreciable 💞♾️

 7 months ago  

Thank you for your comment.🙆

Wow very good work 👍

 7 months ago  

Thank you. 🙆

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I can be fascinated by the flower, the way you take care of it is very good