Car and transporter: From small things come big things

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I've finally found some time to get back onto this big Lego Technic build today; It's been bugging me that I hadn't been able to start the truck and trailer elements but due to being on carers-duty for my wife Faith after her operation yesterday I've got a little time up my sleeve to break open some bags, set up the build and actually get started!

Below is the instruction manual, all five hundred and fifty pages of it, and what the set looks like completed. It's a very large set of two thousand four hundred and ninety three individual pieces and is just on 86 centimetres long (33 inches) from tip to tail, so pretty damned big!

I have already completed the race car and if you're interested you can see the three build-stages in the posts as follows part one - Car, part two - Car and Completion post - Car which will show you the step by step process of getting the car constructed.

Below is the very first step to getting the truck-section built, and an image of what the finished product will look like.

There's a lot of plastic bags full of parts for this stage of the build and the second image shows them all opened and set up in my Lego building tray ready to begin.

Due to the sheer number of parts these trays are fairly full of pieces which is going to make them a little more difficult to locate as I'll have to sift through them a little deeper than usual. I like to have them set out like this as the white tray sits inside the larger clear container and it has a lid I can secure which is good for when I leave a stage partially built which is what will happen with this one. I figure I'll build this over three of four sessions so knowing parts won't go missing is a comfort.

There's nothing quite as annoying as Lego pieces going missing...Except, perhaps, the pain of standing on a Lego piece with bare feet...The most agonising pain in the world!

Most big things start as smaller ones, and at the beginning, which is exactly the case with this car and transporter Lego Technic set. Below you can see the very first step...Not too many to go now...Only three hundred and ninety six steps!...The the back-trailer has to be built too.

Anyway, right now I'm off to check on Faith, make sure she has everything she needs, and then will spend a couple hours building Lego. I hope y'all are having a great day so far and that the end of the week goes well for you. Don't forget about the #weekend-engagement topic post coming out on Friday afternoon...Check my post feed for it.

Later folks.

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That's really cool set. There are some absolutely amazing things you can build with those

 last year  

I love Lego, and yes I agree it's amazing what they have created - Amazing engineers and designers. I like free-styling too, but these Lego Technic sets get my motor running...If only they weren't as costly to buy.

Glad you have some time to make a start on this build.

 last year (edited) 

It's been sitting in the corner for a while, since finishing the race car, and it's nice to get started, Fun so far...I'll do a follow up post at some stage.

I'm doing a a set with just over a 1000 pieces at the moment and I thought that was complicated - this is next level.

 last year  

It's a pretty cool set...My only concern in where am I going to put thins thing when it's done! :)

That looks like a very painstakingly one! I'm curious how long it will take to complete it :)

 last year  

Well, here it is now, since first posting this original post. All up I think this stage of the build will take about 20 hours, maybe 22.


Below is the front steering mechanism which I have just added. You can see how the cogs work the rack which, in turn, will turn the front steer-wheels left and right.


It's fairly complex and has a lot of moving parts when finished, all of which need to be constructed correctly or it won't work properly.

That's impressive! Good job!!!

 last year  

It's coming along well.

I assume all went well with Faith. That blue ride on the cover also looks very sweet.

 last year  

The operation went as well as can be expected and she's resting. Yeah, nice looking car huh?

I'd like to see that truck loaded with a couple of them!

 last year  

Well, it'll have one on there for now...I'd like to get the Corvette that is scaled to fit too...Maybe that's my next build?

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That looks like a decent sized build, is it as big as the semi? XD

Glad you've got stuff to keep you occupied/distracted when you need it :) How's Faith doing?

 last year  

It'll be about the same. I'll do a comparison when I've completed it, with photos etc. It's 86cm long though, so big enough. I'm enjoying the build.

Faith seems to be going well. Resting, complaining about the bruising, which is rather severe I'll admit, and grumbling about not being able to do anything. but overall she's going well Thanks for asking.

Ah this is so satisfying from an ocd perspective. Everything organised and at its place. This Lego stuff is really a nice stuff for you, I bet it's super relaxing to dive into it


 last year  

I like building Lego, the following instructions, sifting through the pieces for the right ones, determining where they go and envisioning the finished product as it goes. I find it relaxing and rewarding...Certainly better than scrolling on that endless-feed on Facetwit and Instabook.

I totally agree with you, time well spent!

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