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RE: The Lego Community...and my next build

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Yes, well, I'm fortunate to be a child and so I still play Lego and love it. The App is to control the vehicle once compete which is a nice additional touch and gives better value for money I think.

Happy new year to you also.


I also in some ways still consider myself a child. During this christmas I watched all harry potter movies. I still enjoyed them. In fact I am considering buying percy jackson books because they seem similar to harry potter. Also it is a good thing that I don't have good pc. if I had a better pc I would likely spend hours playing games.

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I've seen the Harry Potter films too. I've not read the Percy Jackson books but if you like then
M you might like to check out the author Raymond E Feist.

Start with Magician.

thank you I will keep that recommendation in mind.