Dusting Off

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

The other day I got something special back from my dad: my old fishing bag as a kid!


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Dusting Off Memories

One of the things I have been trying to do for the last year or so is get my old fishing bag back. With the little man enjoying fishing as much as he does, I knew it was a lot better for me to have my old bag back. The problem was that I don't see my dad too often due to some circumstances so that was a little challenging. I thankfully was able to connect with my dad and asked him to please bring the old bag! Thankfully he didn't forget lol.


I remember feeling great when I was younger when my dad bought me my own fishing bag. It was a bit of a personal success or something, to be given your own bag. I felt like a real fisherman! It was great. Now the awesome part about it is that I got to take it apart with the little man.

Naturally he opened every single package that was in there. I had things in there that were still unopened nearly two decades later lol. We opened everything and checked it all out. It was a really great time and we enjoyed it a lot. I got a good trip down memory lane with that one. I remember putting the bag together with my dad in his basement and asking what I could have and what I couldn’t. These are the memories that will truly last the rest of my life! I’m looking forward to one day doing the same with the little man. I want to do it at a time when it’s memorable for him, about teenage years if I can. Seeing the bag was such a nice thing for me.

PS, post coming out about it tomorrow but new community I created! Subscribe to it!

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