Monomad Challenge : Lake for human life

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Hello Everyone.
Besides being able to hold large water reserves, lakes have many benefits for human life. In fact, lakes have now become a means of preventing and controlling floods in some places. So it is important to preserve the damage and cleanliness of the lake. People here have awareness of the lake's function for life and also for the increased welfare it offers.

In order to continue to receive benefits from the lake, society must of course preserve the culture and preserve the lake's ecosystem in an optimal way.


Society's welfare needs
Besides being a recreational area, lakes are also very beneficial for all living things, so they can form natural ecosystems. The advantages of the community around the lake are obviously very great for household needs. Generally, the people around the lake are fishermen. Fishermen carry out their activities every day by fishing, installing fishing gear. Many of the fishermen make small houses above the water surface which serve as a place to catch fish.


As a place of recreation.
If the lake is managed in a good way, it can provide clean and mutually beneficial environmental conditions. Now the lake has become a free recreation area for everyone. In fact, we found very interesting facilities around the lake, so it can create public interest for recreation in that place.






Camera: EOS M50
Flash used: No
F-Stop: f/5
Focal Length: 16 mm
Exposure Time: 1/10 s
ISO: 100
Taken By: @anzirpasai

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The photo of the dock looked great. Those reflections in the water give a lot of life to the composition. Good work.

Here the water is a bit calm and really cold.

That place is very interesting for us to see, and it seems that on that day there was a lot of fog there so that our visibility was limited.

Mist sometimes provides a romantic atmosphere. Lol

It's awesome to enjoy this great selection!

We featured your photograph in our @PhotoCuration selection, congrats!

Thank you @photocuration for your support.

You're very welcome, @anzirpasai 📸😃👍