I took this photograph in my laundry room. It's a small room but it's interesting to take long exposures in the siesta, since if I close the door I can expose the negative for several seconds.
That day I tried various things with the camera and some photos didn't turn out well but that is the risk when experimenting. I have to say that I almost always have excellent results so I'm not sad if I fail some tests from time to time because I learn from that.

This is my entry for #monomad by @monochromes


Long exposure - Sel-portrait
Analog photography - Pentax ZX-M + Fuji 160 T + Homedeveloped and scanned in grayscale

Bárbara Bezina ♥

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This is super nice and creepy at the same time. I've always wanted to do double exposure shots but never succeeded to mix them well : / . Nice shot though 👌

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You have to try a little more and the results appear, always magical and surprising!
Thank you 💜

yeah :) will keep on trying :D

Congratulations. Today's #monomad second place is yours. Thank You very much for participating.

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