Monomad Challenge - A Little Cat Nap

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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge by @monochromes! You can read more about the contest and how to enter HERE!


I know! I said the bedroom was off limits .. but .. me and Casper both had a pretty rough week so I gave in and let her take a little cat nap on the bed in my room. My husband has "cat" allergies so we try not to let the cats in the bedrooms. He loves them though!



Casper had been fighting a nap but she settled right down when I covered her with my robe.


She napped for probably an hour!


She started squirming and squirmed right out from under the robe. She did wake up shortly after this last photo. I thought this was a cute photo to close out my post. Just look at them adorable paws! 🐾


Thank you @brumest, @ewkaw and @monochromes for #monomad!!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.



Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 75 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks so much @pixresteemer!! 💕

I also have kittens so can I post thier sleeping picture as well

Yep! Sleeping, playing and/or just generally being cute!

How can anyone resist this cuteness?
Allergy or not :D

Thank you very much @ewkaw!! They do make it hard for us to resist! 😉

Indeed :)

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Thank you very much @cccf and @cliffagreen!! 💖

I'm having allergic if a cat with type like yours having a same bed with me. But with all activities I have no problem.

So cutie anyway :)

Thank you so much @anggreklestari!! I "mostly" keep them out of the bedrooms but occasionally Tiger will dash in past one of us and hide out under the bed. Casper hasn't caught onto to that trick yet. That cuteness gets to me a little too much sometimes. 😊💖 cute she looks so sweet 😸

Thanks so much @kohsamui99!! She can be a little terror sometimes but we're pretty forgiving especially when she has these too cute moments. 💖

Haha, just like little kids but yeah all forgiving the cuteness always melts you heart 😸

It’s hard to resist the cuteness of Casper. She looks quite content to share your bed. Love the last photo.😻

Thanks so much Jo!! Sometimes she is lucky she is 💕

That belly! Does she let you touch it? Lovely photos. I just want to smoosh my face in her fur.

Hi @owasco and thank you!! Only if you catch her at the right time or hold her in a way that she has no Sleeping or just waking up is a good time but occasionally she will let me get a few pets in when she is preoccupied. She has such a pretty tummy and it definitely beckons my hand. 😉

Looking at these adorable images of your sweet little Casper sleeping peacefully makes me want to take a nap! She's a natural model for these black and white photos @deerjay

Thank you so much Nina!! She can be quite the handful sometimes so moments like these are especially nice. I think I'm ready for a nap 💕

Thanks @manorvillemike!! She might be a little spoiled but just a 😉