Phone Experiment - Monomad challenge

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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge hosted by @monochromes

I rarely take photos using my phone, I have a low-end phone which was given by my brother when my Xiaomi phone broke down during the pandemic. What a good time for the phone to break down isn't it?

But then recently I am trying to take photos more often using my phone when I feel like I find a good subject. For sure the result is not as sharp and as good as a higher-end phone, but at least I am trying to capture the moment.



I took the photos above several days ago, when one of my big family member was married.




And the three photos above I took at my workplace. The car is an old Volkswagen. And I took it sometimes ago, but I edit it recently.


At the barbershop, while waiting for my turn.


My wife and my sister-in-law, walking back home after praying in one of the big temples in my village. The mighty Mount Agung can be seen at the background.



It's evident that each picture is taken with a lot of heart and the memories are crystalized in your memory. I'm glad you could share this with us. Have a wonderful day.

Popped in from #dreemport

have a wonderful day ahead also to you, and thank you very much for your encouragement.

These are indeed beautiful monochrome photos with their various memories.

Thank you very much. I am happy that you like it.
I am doing my best. : )

You're very much welcome dear☺️✨

some great pics there

thank you very much.

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You still managed to have wonderful photos!

Thank you very much. : )
it losing some of the sharpness for sure.


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Your photos came out well, especially the first one.
Came in from dreemport today.

Thank you very much Ed.
this is my first submission on dreemmport, and I am really happy.