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A beautiful day is a day where the bride and groom will be together forever. Togetherness in building a happy family is a dream that is expected by the bride and groom for the future. So not everyone will be happy after marriage, there are some who can survive for a while not long after they are divorced to separate themselves to the court office, there are also some who only last a matter of years after which they also choose to separate from their life partners. Bridal couples who have started to enter for a long time, when they have one child, the emotions of the couple will appear little by little, there are some who can't stand it and finally choose to separate from their partner. When you have one child, the child is only a matter of months old, conflicts begin to occur because they are emotionally unstable.


When educating children in a gentle way, the atmosphere will also be soft and cool, but when someone educates children harshly and is full of bad behavior, then things start to happen that make the family start to disagree, or the way the parents think of the child is not the same. In building a safe family and there is no danger, the role of parents for children is the most needed. Children are conditioning in the family when a father or mother is emotionally unstable, look at the child's face, see when the child is smiling even the child wants to be spoiled for his parents.


With a view of a sweet smile at the child, that is the part that makes parents' hearts that were once hot will turn cold and return to normal as usual. The most dangerous part for the family when the child follows the harsh ways of his parents and will be practiced to others. The next phase is when the first child has started to grow, the parents' emotions are increasingly unstable, parents can be happy if their child is good and always obedient to him.


But if the expected child is good but evil, it is also the beginning of a disaster in the family. In the second phase of having children, parents must also choose to educate their children on the path to be taken, either internal or external education. The nature of parents is not much different from children. To know the nature of the parents just look at the behavior of their children.




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